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New Finished Novel’s Objective Analysis with Sally J. Walker

Take a hard look at your finished manuscript and learn where and how to fix it!

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    The initial creative process of “just getting the words down” is neither simple nor easy. It demands concentration on possibilities racing through the conscious mind. A finished novel is a huge accomplishment. Thus, when told “You aren’t done,” every writer cringes. The shift from involved subjectivity to cold objective analysis is a necessary process to take your piece of creative coal to a memorable and fascinating diamond. The analysis can be done logically without hacking your ego to pieces. Let author-screenwriter-editor Sally Walker walk you through a simplified analysis and self-editing process that will enhance one key mental state, awareness
    Course Outline
    Session One: Professional Mindset
    Session Two: Ruthless Assessment
    Session Three: Your Darlings vs. The World’s
    Session Four: Encouraging Doubts & Defiance
    Session Five: Interviewing Characters
    Session Six: What to Honor & What to Ignore
    Session Seven: Meticulous yet Cautious Revision
    Session Eight: Enough is Enough
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