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Latest Reviews

  1. Luanna Nau02e
    Luanna Nau02e
    Over all a great workshop. I learned quite a bit about crafting a cozy mystery. I was disappointed however that my last two assignments didn't receive comments from the instructor. And I find it a bit weird that there was no farewell message from the instructor, no wrap-up, the workshop just--ended.
  2. Marin McGinnis
    Marin McGinnis
    We haven't had the last lesson yet, which is now several days late. I would have liked to see more constructive feedback from the instructor--strokes are nice, but all comments on homework seemed pretty superficial. Course content was useful, although I had hoped to get a bit more information on structuring a cozy.
  3. elledge8-earthlink.net
    Great, informative class. I look forward to taking
    more classes from this teacher again.
    Gwynne Elledge
  4. JoanDee
    Many people prefer a class that includes participation. I do not. I don't find it helpful to share in the snippets offered. I would prefer more character input, with foibles, strong and weak qualities. It's the character who makes the story. I don't read cozies with recipes. Too cute. I did not receive the 8th lesson email.
  5. Linda H
    Linda H
    I found it very difficult to find the class every time I logged in, so I gave up after the second lesson.
  6. Mako-clb
    This was a great event. I enjoyed getting feedback from three other people. The different perspectives gave me a lot to think about and different avenues to follow. It was also beneficial to compare the feedback I gave to the feedback others gave to each writer. My only suggestion would be to give a little more time to read each story and provide feedback, especially as it seemed some writers were also still working on their own stories.
  7. elledge8-earthlink.net
    Great, informative class with a wonderful teacher.
    I hope she will offer more classes in the future.
    Gwynne Elledge
  8. Georgina Sellwood
    Georgina Sellwood
    I would like to know where to find the results of the pitches. I spent the whole day trying to find them. Georgina sellwood
    1. Riley Darkes
      Author's Response
      Hi Georginia,

      I ask that the Agents/Editors return their requests within 1-2 weeks of the pitch event. If you're subscribed to the newsletter, we'll announce the results via the newsletter. I'm sorry you wasted a whole day.
  9. Lisa Montanaro
    Lisa Montanaro
    I really enjoyed this class, but unfortunately I got sick for 3 weeks of the month that it was going on. What a bummer! It was hard to keep up. Becky has offered to continue answering questions and reviewing homework even the class ends, and I may take her up on that.

    The content was excellent and so was Beck'y feedback.

    My only complaint would be the user interface! It was not easy to use. Posts often wouldn't be seen, students couldn't be as engaged with each other, etc. An interface like a private Facebook group may be better so we can all see what is going on easily, reply easily, cheer each other on, etc. I think I expected to be able to have a lot more contact with the other students, as well as the instructor and this system just didn't seem to support it as well as other online class interfaces I have used.

  10. CJ Jones
    CJ Jones
    I learned so much from this class. Being a new author, this group helped build my confidence in my work.