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New Tool Time: A Busy Author's Guide To Note Apps for Plotting & Drafting with Sorcha Mowbray

Get those fingers ready to fly!

  1. Sorcha Mowbray
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    Premium Members $25 & Basic Members $35
    • Business
    • Worldbuilding
    Are you a busy author? Always on the run? Have you heard of or seen various note taking apps on your phone or tablet? Ever wondered how you might use those for writing? Maybe you considered using one to jot ideas down on the run? How about plotting a book? What about writing a book?

    In Tool Time: A Busy Author's Guide To Note Apps for Plotting & Drafting multi-published erotic romance author, Sorcha Mowbray, reveals how to utilize two of the most popular and FREE note taking apps available. And the tips she gives you can be applied to almost any note taking app with similar functionality, and can be utilized by pansters, plotters, or anything in between. There is something for everyone.

    Once this class is done you should be able to:
    - Understand the basics of note taking apps
    - Know how to structure your notebooks
    - Even create your own series bible

    This class is lecture/discussion based, so get your fingers warmed up for questions and your logical side ready and raring to go!