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Writing About Writing by Mathew J Metzger

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I’m no good at writing about writing. That’s a pretty bad thing for an author to say, judging by the sheer number of ‘writing about writing’ posts that there are out there from my scribble-peers. But I really suck at it. And the reason I really suck at is, is because — for me — writing doesn’t have rules. You can’t learn to write the same way you can learn to, say, change a lightbulb. There’s no WikiHow. There’s no instruction manual. I work as a data analyst for my real paycheck. (And I enjoy the hell out of it, too.) I could write you a WikiHow on how to cleanse the data file. I could teach you exactly how to merge the quantitative returns with the numbers from the Strategic Improvement guys. I could write down a list of steps for you to take in order to produce a peak time graph for user activity. And — unless I made an error — I would be right. And presuming I gave those instructions in a way you could follow and understand, you’d do it right. But writing’s not like that. There isn’t a right or a wrong, There’s a…