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Happy Freaking Holidays by Liz Crowe


The Pro Rookie Post Ah the period of time from approximately October 28-January 3. A.k.a. “The Holidays.” Don’t ya just love ‘em? All those pretty lights, high calorie food options, over-imbibing excuses and constantly looping annoying music? All the reasons to spend money you don’t have? All the opportunities to get cornered at a party and forced to explain what you “do” in ten words or less? It’s amazing really, how much they permeate our existence as “regular people” much less as “writers.” For me, the holidays are an exercise in “just get through it” on one level and “roll around in it” on others. It’s also my birthday (today, as a matter of fact, thanks). And I grew up around music and church as a PK, so a lot for me is tied up in the spirituality and contemplation of a year gone by and a fresh set of calendar pages coming soon. So in that spirit I’m taking a tiny break from this month’s rookie post only to point you towards something I wrote for the amazing Kristin Lamb and her blog, Warrior Writers:  How To Survive the Holiday Party for Writers. Enjoy. I have birthday alcohol to…