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Why Do We Write Books? by Deborah Riley-Magnus

Why do we write books? It’s a fair question. Many answer, “Because I can’t not write books!” Others reply, “Because I want to be a best-selling author.” Having worked with authors for more than a decade, I can honestly say the real answer is somewhere in the middle.... read more

Harming your Characters by Elizabeth Otto

In my professional life, I work as an emergency medical technician. I’ve been doing this for almost 14 years. Let me tell you, I’ve seen it all. So, when it comes to reading, and I read a lot, I tend to pay close attention to the medical/illness/trauma... read more

Confusion about Male POV by Sascha Illyvich

When it comes to writing of any kind, cross gender writing seems to be the biggest issue amongst the readers.  When a woman is clearly a woman and writes a man, her fear may be the accuracy of her Hero’s Point of View.  I can understand this as one of the very few... read more

Who Wants to Write Fast and Clean? by Sally J. Walker

From May 2 through May 29, I will be teaching an on-line course for Savvy Authors called “Scene-by-Scene Writing.”  Though it truly is a fundamental approach to structuring the unfolding events or plot of any story, in the past I have also had experienced storytellers... read more

The Pro Rookie: Do Your Homework by Liz Crowe

The Rule of Romance Novels are clear. The narrative must revolve 100% around the two characters involved—the Hero and his heroine (the H/h) and it must always (always always always) end happily. The HEA is paramount to a romance reader’s positive experience. Pretty... read more
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