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Welcome to SavvyAuthors Agent/Editor Pitches!

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Welcome to the SavvyAuthors Prepare, Pitch, and Publish event! You do not have to be a SavvyAuthors member to pitch in this event, SavvyAuthors Pitches are open to the public! But really, Basic Membership is FREE, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today! Before posting your pitch, read the Official Savvy Authors Rules for Pitching. Then using your social media account, post your pitch in the comments section of the applicable blog. The Agent/Editor will read all pitches and notify Savvy Authors of requests. Savvy Authors will announce requests as soon as possible after the event. Review the full schedule of Pitches to see what the Agents/Editors are looking for at SavvyAuthors this week! Click the links below to get to the applicable Agent/Editor blogs.   PITCHES ARE CLOSED. An announcement will be posted in a couple of weeks with Agent/Editor requests. Be sure to check back here mid-March.     Dawn Dowdle, Agent at Blue Ridge Literary Agency Heidi Moore, Editor at Samhain Publishing Cynthia Brannam, Editor at Soul Mate Publishing Char Chaffin, Editor at Soul Mate Publishing Cheryl Yeko, Editor at Soul Mate Publishing Garrett Marco, Editor at Soul Mate Publishing Annie Melton, Editor at Etopia Press Stephanie Taylor, Editor at Astraea Press Curiosity…