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Prepare Pitch & Publish Pitch Requests Announced

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Congratulations SavvyAuthors! Pitch results are in, please see below. Many of our gracious Agents/Editors have praised the quality of our pitches, so keep up the good work! We hope you enjoyed the SavvyAuthors Prepare, Pitch, and Publish event. Considering joining SavvyAuthors? Basic Membership is FREE, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today! Want to find your request fast? Press CTRL + F (or command + F for MAC) and search for your name or manuscript title.    Dawn Dowdle, Agent at Blue Ridge Literary Agency Requests can be found on the Savvy Authors Blog.   Heidi Moore, Editor at Samhain Publishing Summarizing a book down to 3 lines is tough, so I’d like to thank everyone who pitched! And thank you to Savvy Authors for inviting me to participate again this year. Samhain Publishing is always open to submissions and everyone who pitched here is welcome to submit their manuscripts through our general submissions. I would like to invite the following authors to submit their full manuscripts along with a synopsis straight through to me at Heidi@samhainpublishing.com (please include “Savvy Authors Request” in the subject line). Thanks again to everyone involved. I look forward to seeing the requested manuscripts The Album –…