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Embracing The Thundercloud, Or, When Banging Your Head On The Desk Is Okay by Sharon Ashwood


Leave a comment on this blog to win a paperback 2-in-1 volume containing the first two books in my series, POSSESSED BY A WARRIOR and POSSESSED BY AN IMMORTAL. Contest closes July 11, 2015, at midnight PST. International entries accepted. I’ve noticed two interesting assumptions out there in the writing universe. One, that interviewers (or anyone else) are completely comfortable asking, “What do you do for writer’s block?” as if one’s connection to precious creativity (and possibly a livelihood) is no more than a faulty drain and that every writer undoubtedly suffers from it. Another case: I’ve witnessed a lot of public disapproval of authors who speak up when they perceive they’ve been unfairly treated by real or imagined authorities in the industry. I’ve seen people literally shuffle away from the speaker and/or throw them dirty looks. Yet another case: It is utterly taboo to call out idiots on social media. Does any of this seem just or fair? Mileage varies. My purpose here is not to debate the wisdom of the above cases. Most of us do have writer’s block at some point (more on that later). Authors are professionals—like teachers or nurses or any other contractor—who speak up…