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Matchmaker, Matchmaker by Marilyn Baron

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I read an article, “The Rat Paths of New York,” by Ryan Bradley in the April 23, 2015, issue of The New York Times, that revealed rats seldom stray far from home and will rarely walk more than 600 feet from their birthplace. A rat spotted in Lower Manhattan would rarely socialize with a rat in Queens. The same, apparently, is true of the men of New York. When my daughter was online dating in The Big Apple, she met some New Yorkers who rarely traveled outside of their boroughs. In fact, if a guy lived in Midtown, a woman living in the Upper West Side would be considered geographically undesirable. The men she met either lived with or near their parents and when they married, they often moved to a house next door to their parents. That makes sense because many of those men were actually rats. Perhaps a matchmaker would be a safer way to meet men. I had the pleasure of meeting a real matchmaker from the province of Quebec in Canada on a trip to Spain and the privilege of interviewing her aboard the AVE, the high-speed train from Cordoba to Madrid. She is a lovely…