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Discovering a New Area of YOUR Universe by Sally J. Walker

When you write for yourself, the entire experience is carefree, laidback, easy because you know your audience.  But the moment you begin to write for someone else, you should feel the pressure of meeting expectations and doing a good job for that other person. Only... read more

How to Steal your Audience by Russell Nohelty

How to Steal your Ideal Audience Alright, so this headline is kind of misleading, but aren’t all the best headlines? I’m not going to show you how to steal somebody’s audience. I am going to show you how to find your own audience by looking at the audience of somebody... read more

Dialogue: Abused and Misused by Joni M. Fisher

People recognize terrible dialogue when they hear it in movies, or on television or read it in books. It comes off wooden, robotic, confusing, lecturing, boring or in some way artificial sounding. Examples abound in B-grade movies, comic books, soap operas, and... read more

Pages for Agents – Pitch to an Agent!

This is it! Are you ready? Check in here from May 16, 2016 at 8:00am, to May 22, 2016 at 11:59pm to pitch to an Agent. No registration is required. You do not have to be a SavvyAuthors member. A social media account is required to pitch. Please read the detailed rules... read more

The Pro Rookie: GroupThink by Liz Crowe

Greeting Liz Acolytes and Others! Welcome to the Pro Rookie column in which you get to take my screw-ups, learn from them and apply the lessons to YOUR publishing career for the better. We’ve chatted before about “groups,” sometimes referred to as “loops” or “boards”... read more
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