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Entangled Smackdown Final Scores by Riley Darkes

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In November, Entangled Publishing returned for the third annual Savvy Authors Entangled SmackDown event. Entangled Editors worked with groups of authors to plan the perfect books for NaNo BootCamp and just over seventy Recruits participated in the event, striving for the goal of 50,000 words. Editors were present from the following Entangled Imprints: Bliss, Brazen, Covert, Ignite, Indulgence, Lovestruck, Scandalous & Teen Our recruits worked toward two prizes: online consultations with an editor, and the grand prize of an Entangled Publishing contract! Recruits dedicated the month to writing and accomplished an amazing 2,879,447 total words. Congratulations Savvy Authors! And now, for the announcements… Team Competition Congrats to the 1st Place winners, Courting Scandal of the Scandalous Imprint! Each team member will receive an online consultation with an Entangled Publishing Editor. Courting Scandal team participants include Catherine Lawrence, Alison McMahan, Michele Barrow-Belisle, Carrie Zimmerman & Clarice Pratt. Imprint Competition Congratulations to the Grand Prize winners, United Teen! Recruits from Teen have been invited to submit partials to the Entangled Publishing Editorial team. A minimum of one (1)  contract will be offered! Teen Imprint participants include Peter Andrews, Shari Brady, Angel Leigh, Lacey Devlin, &  Ella Gray!!!!   Way to go Entangled SmackDown Recruits! Watch next year’s Savvy Authors Newsletters…