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The Inside Scoop on Steve Schrott

Today we are getting the inside Scoop on Steve Schrott. The Inside Scoop is the place to go to learn all about the members of the SavvyCrew, Instructors, and our tireless army of volunteers.  All the folks that keep SavvyAuthors cranking! Each week we’ll... read more

Writing in the 21 st Century by P. June Diehl

Storytelling is a form of communication and has changed over the course of history to become what it is today in terms of fiction writing. From the oral tradition of telling stories to writings on cave walls, to the use of the written word. Since the invention of the... read more

Writing Shortcut: Fear is the Root of All Emotions by Kat Duncan

Your job as an author is to make the reader worry. Why? Because when they worry, they care. They care about your characters and they want to read more about them. How to make them worry? Worry comes from tension. Dwight Swain and Jack Bickham, both of whom wrote about... read more

The Pro Rookie: What Price Success? by Liz Crowe

I made a Facebook post at some point last week that was a heartfelt question: “Figuring out the meaning of one’s own ‘success’ is one of the hardest things about being on Facebook isn’t it?” Now, this could be taken as a direct contradiction of one of my earlier Liz... read more

Do Your Characters Talk the Talk? by Joni M. Fisher

Remember the last time you read dialogue and it didn’t sound genuine? Something was off, odd or just not quite believable? Perhaps the wording did not suit the character. For example, unless a man is a decorator, painter or artist, he won’t point to a color and call... read more

DRAMATIST’S TALE: Respect vs. Exploitation by Sally J. Walker

When we throw around the word “exploitation” most people understand its meaning, if not its positives and negatives. Someone is using the subject to further their own interests. FAMOUS PEOPLE The news media latches onto high profile dramas. News hounds maintain the... read more
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