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The Pro Rookie: Do Your Homework by Liz Crowe

The Rule of Romance Novels are clear. The narrative must revolve 100% around the two characters involved—the Hero and his heroine (the H/h) and it must always (always always always) end happily. The HEA is paramount to a romance reader’s positive experience. Pretty...

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A DRAMATIST’S TALE: When Life Knocks by Sally J. Walker

Most people think the magic of fantasy stories is that nothing is based on reality.  One can make-up societies and even languages.  Science principles can be skewed. Nothing need be based on facts.  But, is that true?  If the audience is supposed to believe the story...

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Writing Tips that Resonated With Me by Gayl Taylor

Hi and thanks for having me today. I thought I would start with a bit about me. I’m a single mom with a job and a half, three sons, and a rowdy cat who finds it amusing to wake me up before sunrise. I am NOT a morning person.  My passion for writing and making...

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Five Manuscript Mistakes by Lourdes Venard

We all like to think our novels are original, and different. And, indeed, they often are. But, as a freelance editor, I often see beginning authors struggle with the same problems in their manuscripts (and anecdotal evidence from fellow editors, as well as agents,...

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WriteSEX by Sascha Illyvich

So you have determined that you want to write about erotica now, eh?  Even bigger props for you if you already have an extensive erotica collection.  Great.  So, where do you start?  The advice I’m giving out here is free but is very important if you’re going to try...

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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover by Marilyn Baron

I was on a panel at the 2015 AJC Decatur Book Festival, the largest independent book festival in the country, speaking on the topic, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover.” Debbie Taylor, my cover artist at The Wild Rose Press, and owner of DCA Graphics, provided some...

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