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Tips to Becoming a Healthy Writer by Irene S. Roth

Writers tend to be very sedentary. That is why eating right is one of the most important things that writers can do for themselves to be healthy and productive. Just as exercise is important to keep our bodies in shape, eating right is just as important, for writers...

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The REAL Scoop on Show and Tell by Flo Fitzpatrick

You may have heard it from judges or from critique partners or agents or editors. “Show! Don’t tell” Maybe you’re a bit confused. You haven’t been using reams of paper to describe rooms, or forests, or the heroine’s jade necklace or even the...

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Secrets Behind Super-Heroines by Eilis Flynn

Why is building a super-heroine so different from building a super-hero? Before I answer that, when you’re about to start writing a new story, how do you create a hero and heroine? Do you start with your hero, or do you start with your heroine? Depends on any number...

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Inside Scoop: Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Today we are getting the inside Scoop on Laurie Schnebly Campbell. Laurie is well-known for her characterization techniques using Enneagrams. In her book Believable Characters: Creating with Enneagrams she explains how to construct well-rounded, complex characters who...

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Immerse Yourself in Your Location by Becky Martinez

Recently I returned from a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, one of my favorite spots to visit but also the area where I have set a number of novels. As I walked around Stanley Park and along the waterfront I thought of how a similar walk had given me the idea for...

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