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What is a Perfect Pitch? by MM Pollard

What Is a Perfect Pitch? The Answer Depends on Who You Ask I’m an English teacher, a writer, an editor, and a workshop presenter because I love words, all words. My philosophy is that if one word is good, then five words are five times better. Yes, I’m wordy, but...

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Writing Tight by Kathy Otten

Congratulations. You’ve finally finished your new novel or short story. You labored long and hard to move your characters and plot from your head into a completed rough draft. You spent months persevering through rewrites, tweaking sub-plots, and eliminating...

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How I became a self-published Romance Author by Joanne Dannon

Dear friends I’m very excited to be a part of this fabulous community and want to thank Leslie and RJ for inviting and welcoming me to write a monthly column. There are plenty of wonderful posts by authors sharing their knowledge so I’ve decided to focus on my journey...

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Writing for Personal Fulfillment by Irene Roth

Do you write for personal fulfillment? Or do you slave away at your writing all week and then quit writing for a few days and do something else and then go back to your wiring on Monday un-refreshed? Many of us treat our writing as a job, and on a rudimentary level it...

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What Concerns You by Connie Flynn

Last night I dreamed I was awakened on America’s Top Model by a 4am call to an impromptu modelling gig. I’d slept in my clothes, my hair was a mess, my breath probably worse, and we were leaving NOW. The girls and I had partied in our model’s apartment the night...

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