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The Pro Rookie: A Whole New World by Liz Crowe

A whole new world A mere seventy or so days ago I stumbled upon something new. Well, new to me, anyway. “Kindle Worlds” began a few years ago and was meant as a “pure” fan fiction platform. You know, a place where you take a character or two from an already created...

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Making Your Characters Shine by Becky Martinez

Come up with new ideas for characters. No more repeats! For me, story ideas have always come relatively easy. Maybe it was spending some 30 years in journalism having to come up with a new story idea or two almost every single day. With that sort of pressure, I...

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Learn to be a Productive Creative Explorer by Sally J. Walker

Kindle your creative spark When the creative spark ignites an internal flame, most people devote themselves to just getting the project done. Somewhere along the line doubts niggle about knowledge and skills or the viability of the project. Sometimes the creator...

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Is your book ready to be sold? by Leslie Dow

There are a few key things to do to get ready to pitch your story or book to an agent or an editor. Over the years SavvyAuthors has hosted many, many, MANY pitch events and in the process we’ve learned a thing or two. Here are a few questions you can ask...

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How I became an ‘Overnight’ Success by Joanne Dannon

Dear friends, Last month I started here at SavvyAuthors as a part of this fabulous community. I want to thank everyone who has either commented or emailed me, it’s been lovely to receive such positive feedback. This post is a follow up to last month’s. If you missed...

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Pitchfest and SavvyWriterCon Update!

Hot Summer's Cool Pitchfest & SavvyAuthors WriterCon update! August 29 through the 31st! Don’t miss the last Pitchfest of the summer! You know that story is ready! You know there is an editor or agent who is JUST WAITING to hear your perfect pitch! We know...

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