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Mind Mapping with June Diehl

Mind map for all writing processes…not just for generating story ideas I love using mind mapping as part of my writing process. So the upcoming workshop is a great way to share not only my own experiences with this tool, but also what I’ve learned from other...

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A DRAMATIST’S TALE: Jeopardy vs. Violence by Sally J. Walker

Sex and violence: the only way to pique interest? Time and again we hear “Hollywood just wants sex and violence.” Both concepts are subtle referrals to survival of the fittest. Think about it. Depicting sexual attraction implies the search for a mate and the ultimate...

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Hot Summers Cool Pitch Event update…11 days and counting!

The full roster for our Hot Summer’s Cool Pitchfest is firming up. The participating agencies and publishers include Riptide Publishing, Entangled Publishing, Changeling Press, Harvey Klinger, Blue Ridge Literary Agency, The Knight Agency, Lyrical...

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