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Creativity in Storytelling by Kelliea Ashley

Hello, I’m so thrilled to be invited to Savvy Authors. I’d like to talk today about creativity in storytelling. Last night I was sitting around my kitchen table with my Pathfinder friends(yes I’m a gaming nerd and love it!). They were discussing...

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To Type or to Dictate? An Interview by Dora Machado

Author Karen Vaughan Shares her Journey from the Keyboard to the Mic Have you ever considered abandoning your keyboard and dictating your stories instead of typing? Many of us have, but making the leap from the keyboard to the mic is no small change for a writer. Our...

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Plotting a Series: A Case Study* by Sheila Webster Boneham

Developing the plot of a book is one thing. Developing an ongoing “plot” for a series is something else entirely. Each individual book needs to have its own story arc, but each book also needs to fit into a longer story that progresses through the sequence of books....

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Using A Journal To Help Your Setting by Raven McAllan

Raven’s view on… Holidays. Travel. Settings for books. Have passport, will research… It all meshes so well. Although I’ve never been one for keeping a diary per se, somehow I do always keep a journal when we go on holiday. Originally the musings,...

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