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A Workmanlike Attitude by Patricia Green

A lot of people rely on a sort of whimsy where their writing is concerned. Their "muse" speaks to them, and, if they have the time or tech available, they scurry to write the movie in their heads that Mr. Muse has provided. That's raw creativity. But can they get the...

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“How to Write a Keynote Address” by JoAnn Smith Ainsworth

You’ve been asked to give the keynote address for a nearby, regional conference. Panic sets in. You’ve never given a keynote speech and don’t know how to begin. Be at ease. You probably know more about writing a keynote address than you think. It’s not unlike writing...

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Boxed Set Pricing – to $.99 or not to $.99? by Eva Lefoy

Call me crazy but I read an article on Romancing the Genres posted on December 27th titled, The Changing Market, and decided to act upon the information contained therein. More specifically I keyed on a couple of points and came up with an idea that fit my writing...

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The Gender Agenda… by D.K. ffrench

I'm old enough, sadly, to remember the original Star Trek, the one with Mr Spock, Dr McCoy, Scotty and the libidinous Captain Kirk. I loved it, and being the young innocent I was, their antics and heroics had a huge influence on me, as did their morals. Now that was...

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Keeping All the Balls in the Air by B.J. Daniels

I often feel like I’m a juggler. I have all these balls in the air: I write from 4 to 6 books a year, I’m in charge of the family bookkeeping, I have eight grandchildren, a husband, three dogs, friends. I fish, I quilt, I want to exercise and feel really guilty when...

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