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POV by Pippa Jay

Hi, I’m Pippa Jay, author of scifi and the supernatural with a romantic soul. My default setting when it comes to writing these days is 3rd person POV (though it’s not the only POV I’ve ever used). But I’ve gone from doing multiple POVs in my debut novel ( my editor...

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Entangled Smackdown Day 19 Update

Over 70 Recruits worked with editors from Entangled Publishing to create winning plot points and synopses during October, in anticipation of the SavvyAuthors NaNo Bootcamp event in November. The first 19 days of BootCamp are over, and it’s time to share some results!...

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Savvy Nano Bootcamp Day 19 Update

SavvyAuthors is hosting the annual NaNo BootCamp event for another group of Savvy Members who aren’t in the Entangled SmackDown numbers! Day 19 and this week alone the Nano teams have written a total of 263,493 words which is about 1053 pages.  Most teams have managed...

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The Importance of Following Through by Irene S. Roth

One of the most important things that writers can do for success is follow-through from their long-term to their short-term writing goals. This one practice alone divides the successful writers from the unsuccessful ones. If writers don’t follow-through, they won’t be...

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Procrastination Station by Kim Meyer

There is a place in a writer’s world where everything non-writerly becomes more important than the novel you are determined to finish. I call this vile, soul-sucking place Procrastination Station, and today, that’s where I reside. My dishes are done. My laundry is...

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Marketing Venues – Dead, Old, and New by Tina Gayle

Marketing tends to follow trends. For those of us who started out on MySpace converting to Facebook seemed like a waste of time. As everyone started to migrate over to Facebook, MySpace died off as the place to be seen. Now, with so many social sites it is hard to say...

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