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Character Question: Do You Know Me? by Sally J. Walker

In “My Fair Lady” Professor Henry Higgins, Linguist Extraordinaire, proclaimed he could identify a person’s origins right down to country, region and city just by listening to the person.  There is an essential truth to that concept that fiction writers need to learn...

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Why Is My Bad Guy So Bad? by Denise Moncrief

Halfway through writing The End, I realized my villain was too…nice. The scene was progressing. He was saying all the right words, but for some reason, he came off sounding helpful, sympathetic, even caring, rather than threatening. It wasn’t until I put a gun...

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When Characters Don’t Talk by Decadent Kane

Have you ever sat down to write the story and the character looks at you like your stupid, crosses their arms, and sticks out their tongue- clearly not willing to help you tell the story. Mine tend to cross their eyebrow and often twitch their elfin ears at me. At...

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Story Genesis by P.I. Barrington

How does a story come about for an author? Several years ago when my first novel was published, I participated in a panel of authors talking about how to write mysteries.  I have to give a shout-out here Sue McGinty who was the first author I met who like me writes in...

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