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NaNo Boot Camp 2016: Final Results

The final results are in! Our Special Event Coordinator, Riley Drake, shares the winning news below: Congratulations to our NaNo BootCampers for all their hard work! And extra congrats to Poe's Princesses, winners of the average points AND words competition!  Special...

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The Importance of Following Through by Irene S. Roth

From the SavvyAuthors Archives Irene Roth is one of our long-time SavvyAuthors instructors. She is known for a positive outlook and the ability to help writers find and keep motivation. Now as we move into this last week of NaNoWriMo we are all looking for that extra...

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And the winner is…DeciMoMo by Leslie Dow

NaNoWriMo... >.< So about a month ago, in fact to the day a month ago I posted my reasons for participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Life has been crazy, and I knew there was a real chance I would not finish. Maybe not even come close. Still, I decided that there...

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NaNo BootCamp Week 2 Results

Week Two results are complete. The teams are continuing to write towards the 50k. It's too early in the month to tell who will win. So far, Poe's Princesses are in first place with 69 points. In second place, is Team Passion with 64 points. Check back next week for...

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NaNoWhyMo The Pro Rookie By Liz Crowe

There is an awful lot of talk these days about “my way vs. the highway,” isn’t there? I mean, seriously, the vitriol is thick and fierce. Frankly, I consider it my God-given right to disagree with you. But yet it’s also my right to declare my preferences, in public,...

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