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What Concerns You by Connie Flynn

Last night I dreamed I was awakened on America’s Top Model by a 4am call to an impromptu modelling gig. I’d slept in my clothes, my hair was a mess, my breath probably worse, and we were leaving NOW. The girls and I had partied in our model’s apartment the night...

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How to Make Your Fiction Memorable by Sally J. Walker

In the beginning of a writing education, most people question if they are depicting what they perceive in the imagination and communicating clearly to a reader. Frankly, that concern should never go away. When you are worried about it you will pay attention to the...

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Which Journey Fits Your Genre? by Mary O’Gara, Ph.D.

The hero’s journey is high testosterone.   We start in the ordinary world, but the inciting incident or first turning point is a blast of disaster that rocks the hero’s world and thrusts him into an adventure he may or may not have wanted.   Tom Clancy and Mary...

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