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The Inside Scoop on Tricia Ballad

Today we are getting the inside Scoop on Tricia Ballad. The Inside Scoop is the place to go to learn all about the members of the SavvyCrew, Instructors, and our tireless army of volunteers.  All the folks that keep SavvyAuthors cranking! Each week we’ll...

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Make Your Sex Scene Sing Not Suck by Jeffe Kennedy

I teach various workshops on sex in fiction quite often, which mean I hear a lot of the same questions again and again. Questions like: What makes a sex scene suck? Which tropes lead to epic eye-rolling? How can it be overcome? What makes a sex scene good? Is there a...

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The Productive Writer: Dos and Don’ts by Anna del Mar

I write romances, which means I spend a great many hours of my day and night living in my head, deeply and emotionally connected to my characters, trying to maintain the forward momentum that keeps the story flowing. The way I see it, life is already too short to tell...

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The Unique Calling of a Children’s Writer by Irene S. Roth

The children’s writer is unique and rewarding calling. Not only do we get a chance to write for kids but we get to become a child while we are writing a picture book. It is one of the best kinds of writing to do. I write academically and creatively for adults and...

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Dialogue: Don’t Let’Em Say What You Mean by Shannon Donnelly

Great dialogue can make or break a novel. That’s my opinion. It may stem from growing up watching a lot of 1930’s screwball comedies. Zingers fly with rapid fire and everyone talks. A lot. But the importance of dialogue really sank in when I wrote A Proper Mistress. I...

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