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Confessions of a Workaholic Slacker by Leslie Dow

I am a Workaholic Slacker. Contradiction in terms? I think not.  Those of you who are both workaholics and slackers will know exactly what I mean.  I think one of the hallmarks of the Workaholic Slacker is the ability to appear lost in a frantic storm of activity but...

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The Editor Smirks, But It’s Not About You By Elizabeth MS Flynn

On occasion, you’ll catch a glimpse of the copy editor in its native habitat—in a little hovel somewhere, hunched over piles of manuscripts—and if you look closely, you’ll notice them smirking from time to time. You may ask yourself why. Are they making fun of you or...

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The Pro Rookie: Making It Personal by Liz Crowe

There is a lot of advice swirling around out in author-success-land about “building platforms,” “growing email lists,” and “expanding reach.” I’ve been bombarded with stumbled upon services that offer to help me achieve these things so I can “focus on writing...

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What is a Perfect Pitch? by MM Pollard

What Is a Perfect Pitch? The Answer Depends on Who You Ask I’m an English teacher, a writer, an editor, and a workshop presenter because I love words, all words. My philosophy is that if one word is good, then five words are five times better. Yes, I’m wordy, but...

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