SavvyAuthors 2016 Class and Workshop Calendar

Starting the Week of August 15

  • Advanced WordPress with Pepper Norris
  • Poisons with Jimmy Morris
  • Ready, Set…Write with Jade Chandler
  • Hell’s Kitchen with Nancy Brophy

Starting the Week of August 22

  • Word Diet Part I with Kerri Nelson
  • Dialogue & Narrative with Connie Flynn
  • Career Planning for Writers with Tricia Ballad
  • Five Fundamentals of Blogging with Mahala Church

Starting the Week of August 29

  • Making Your Characters Real with Becky Martinez
  • BDSM Advanced with Dr. Charley Ferrer
  • More to come!!!

Starting the Week of September 5

  • Scrivener for Writers with Rebeca Schiller
  • Mind-Mapping with June Diehl
  • Writing the Romantic Novella with Catherine Chant

Starting the Week of September 12

  • Writing for the Edit with Sally J. Walker
  • Hot Iron Not Necessary with Beth Daniels
  • Love Your Voice with Julie Rowe
  • Adding Value to E-Newsletter to Grow Your Reader List with Jessie Clever
  • How to Ensure Technology Aids you in Your Writing Career with Irene Roth

Starting the Week of September 19

  • Using Magic and Building a Magic System that Works with Rebekah Ganiere
  • But I Have a Day Job with Sherry Peters
  • Writing Short Stories with Becky Martinez
  • Literary Contracts with Janie Bill
  • Short, Sexy, and to the Point with Lisa Fox

Starting the Week of September 26

  • Setting and Description with Eilis Flynn
  • Fight Class with Jimmy Morris
  • Write Fast with Peter Andrews
  • PTSD & Victim Psychology with Dr. Charley Ferrer
  • Writing Humorous Characters with Allie Broadfield
  • Self-Editing for Self-Publishing with Katriena Knight

Starting the Week of October 3

  • The Sexy Synopsis with Shannon Donnelly
  • Writing the Short Story with Jacqui Jacoby
  • Wake Up Your Muse with Beth Daniels
  • The Author’s Arsenal: Writing Weapons and Wounds with Geoff Symon

More great workshops to come! Check back soon!

Check back soon for our November classes!

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