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Pitch your book From Feb 15-18

Prepare, Pitch, and Publish 2017

Are you terrified to pitch to an Agent or Editor? Need a little help polishing your 3-line pitch? Join us for Prepare, Pitch, and Publish 2017! We will prepare you to pitch, provide opportunities to pitch, and give you resources to help you continue on your path to publication.

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9am Feb 15-18



Starting March 13

Your Novel’s BluePrint

Ask an Editor what the slush pile looks like, and they’ll tell you it’s full of bad manuscripts, poorly edited manuscripts, and an occasional diamond in the rough. Learn how to avoid the slush from the start by working with an Editor to prepare Your Novel’s BluePrint in this two-week online writing event. Cut out the bad before you start!

Plot your success in 2017

Starting April 1

Spring Writing Camp

Need a little motivation to get words on the page? Do you hate writing alone? The SavvyAuthors Spring Writing Camp may be what you need to finally finish that book! Join a team and get ready to write!


May is Pitch Month at SavvyAuthors!

Join us and polish that pitch then sell your story to one of the great editors and agents!

Plot your success in 2017

Polish your Pitch with SavvyAuthors

May 8-12

Plot your success in 2017

Spring WOW’em Pitchfest

Week of May 17

Details  coming soon!

Check back often for the rest of our AMAZING 2017 Special events!