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October 16-27

Your Novel’s Blueprint

Just in time for NaNovember.

How many times have you started writing a new book idea but lost steam after the first few chapters? It happens to all of us.

Editors from various publishing companies will work with groups of writers to help prepare your blueprints during this two-week online writing event. Learn about creating strong characters, building a fabulous set for them to play on, and plotting their journey; these lessons create your book’s blueprint.

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November 1-30

NaNovember Bootcamp

Are you a procrastinator in need of motivation?

Hate writing alone? If having Drill Sergeants screaming in your inbox sounds like fun, you are in the right place!

Your NaNo BootCamp 2017 Mission: 50,000 words.

 Have questions about our bootcamps?

We got answers!

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December 5-14

Plot your Success in 2018 – Goals and Planning!

Whether you’ve just started writing or you’re a seasoned pro, if you’d like to be a more productive writer, join us for this workshop where we will help you create clear goals for your writing career. You’ll learn why starting with your big picture aspirations is so important, and then we’ll guide you through breaking those big goals down into a daily routine. We’ll also share some of our favorite tools to help keep you organized and focused along the way.

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