1His gaze hot and sinful was half hidden beneath his hooded lids. Taking a long pull from the cigarette, he studied the woman in front of him, not pretending that he wasn’t undressing her with his eyes, not denying he wanted her in the worst way, and he imagined all of those ways in his mind.

Whoa stop, put on the brakes. I can’t write that. First off I don’t know anyone personally who smokes. I assume someone smokes since they’re continuing to sell cigarettes, but I can’t remember the last time one was used in a book

As a non smoker, someone who has never smoked, hates the smell of smoke and in later years has even developed an allergy to it, so that if I sit in a crowed concert and someone near me has smoked, my throat becomes instantly clogged and I have to take something.  But still years ago I always found a male character who was smoking in a story I was reading to be sexy. The male would always roll over in bed after making love to a woman and light up. I have no idea why I thought that kind of scene was sexy.  In real life the very idea of a man smoking after we’d been intimate would make me feel as though he’d paid for my services.

If you haven’t wondered already what all of the rambling is about, it’s because I’m going to be giving a month long workshop on Savvy authors talking about writing love scenes. That was when the thought first popped into my head, a month. What vices will we pick up during this month? What virtues will we leave behind? Considering this is fiction I’d say we’ll allow the imagination to roam free, besides I’m going to pass out cyber fans.

I’m only half joking. Writing love scenes especially if you’re writing romance is not so easy.  Sometimes just like in real life you’re not in the mood. But you’re forced to deliver anyway. So much more goes into the writing of those scenes, including the having to use a condom and  smoking. As readers become more health conscious your characters also have to evolve. Though personally I can’t imagine a cowboy not having a couple of those vices. I’ll probably have to let my muse bring me a cowboy before I know for sure.

Anyway the opening is a teaser of sort, setting the stage if you will. And that’s exactly what we will be talking about for a month

As I write this I can’t help but think of  Sidney Rickman when she edited my first novel and told me I had to put in a love scene. Or of the acquisition editor when she told me erotica was the best selling fiction, and I attempted to write it and sent it to her to have her tell me, to stick to romance. Then I thought about my relatives who called me long distance to ask where in the world had I ever heard about the things I’d written about. ROFL.  Let’s not forget I’ve been married for thirty-five years at the time.

If we only had to explore where to insert tap A and when, it would be easy, but characters and writers are as complex as the readers. We have to have just enough to satisfy the reader while not so much that we’re too embarrassed to read it in order to edit or proof.  Writing a love scene is a balancing act.  I’ll let you know how it goes after.  I’m going to be working without a net. But hey I’m a nurse, though I haven’t worked for many years I should be able to perform CPR on those who are faint of heart..

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2Dyanne Davis is a Multi-Published, Award Winning author of 20 novels. She has written dozens of articles for on-line magazines. She was one of the authors for the Premier Edition of, New Love Stories, magazines. Dyanne lives in a Chicago suburb with her husband of 43 years, William Sr.

She has been a presenter of numerous workshops. She hosts a local cable television show in her hometown, “The Art of Writing,” to give writing tips to aspiring writers. Interviewing some of her favorite authors, LA. Banks, Robin Schone, Donna Hill, Cathie Linz, Jade Lee, Simone Ekles  and many more has been the highlight of doing the show. You can catch some of the clips on Youtube.

Dyanne also writes a vampire series under the name of F. D. Davis

You can reach her at [email protected].  www.dyannedavis.com  [email protected]  www.adamomega.com

AnImPerfectLife2Dominic Santiago has the world at the tips of his fingers. Known as the handsome, macho, Latino lawyer  who never loses, he revels in his success. He’s in love with Sadie Hawkins and their future is all planned out: just as soon as the junior partnership at the law firm is given out; he will propose to her.

Dominic’s plans were swept away by the catastrophic winds of change. As one secret after the other is revealed, his life unravels and has him questioning his love for Sadie, his career and his ethnicity. Now Dominic must deal with the insecurities that he’s kept buried for three decades.

Life is hard when you don’t know who you are. Dominic must fall as low as a man can fall in order to be able to rise again and rebuild his life.

But…time is running out for Dominic. He must find himself before he loses everything. Will the people he’s pushed away stand by him? Only time will tell. Only Dominic can reconstruct his life.





































































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