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2019 SavvyAuthors Writers’ Interest Survey!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2019 Writers’ Interest Survey.

It is always great to hear what is essential to our members and fellow writers. We find this changes from year to year, and this year is no exception! Dawn, RJ, and I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what blogs, classes, and events will be most useful to you and any hints from you definitely help!

This year, you have spoken loud and clear that you are currently focused on improving your craft and perfecting your self-editing skills. We get that in our current fast-paced publishing environment, being able to write and edit quickly is critical. The better your skills, the faster you can write, and writer who masters self-editing will get stronger books out more swiftly and for less money.

This information will also help us find the best classes for you.


Now on to our winner!

We love it when one of our members wins! This survey cast a wide net; we did not require that participants be members, only writers…

And the winner is…


DD is a writer of Historical Fantasy

D.D. CROIX writes historical fantasy that conjures magic and mystery in the Victorian world. Her work draws from her passion for history and world cultures—which has taken her across the globe, from the British Isles to the Himalayas—and imagines what secrets might lie at the blurred edges of the historical record.

You can reach her at dd AT ddcroix DOT com.

Check out DD’s Website.

And definitely follow her on Twitter @DDCroixWrites

And Facebook as DDCroix

And see her Pins under DDCroixWrites


Thank you, DD for responding to the survey and being a SavvyAuthors member!

Happy writing!


Leslie Dow, SavvyBlog Editor