2020 Sweetheart Pitchfest Editor Requests

Carrie Lofty, Freelance Acquiring Editor at Carina Press:

Please submit to Carrie at Carina Press at https://carinapress.submittable.com/submit

  • ML Uberti – One Man’s Salvation
  • Aria Wyatt – True North
  • Amy Craig – Lost in LA
  • Dalto and Laynie Bynum – Fair Youth
  • Jayne Coleridge – The Royal Treatment

Cassie Knight, Publisher at Champagne Book Group:

Thank you for sharing your work with us! There were so many great pitches to choose from. This always speaks to the talent that makes up Savvy Authors. While we couldn’t ask to see every work, please know that it isn’t a reflection of the work but more of what CBG publishes and our reader base.

To help us keep track of submissions, please visit our site to submit. Note that your submission came from the Savvy Authors Sweetheart Pitch Event.

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your work!

Partials (synopsis and first three chapters)

  • Cowboys Don’t Wear Lingerie by Heather Powell
  • Daughter of a Curse by JR White
  • Finding Hope by Katie JP Bishop
  • Guilty Secrets by Jessica Calla
  • Her Donor Baby by Emily Hussey
  • Life After Death by Jade Winters
  • Lost in LA by Amy Craig
  • Reunited with Her Rescue Doc by Shannon M. Dougherty
  • Sorthare: Enter Stage Right by Constance Robinson
  • The Haunting on Palm Court by Stephanie Edwards
  • The Letter by Debbie Desmarteau

Full (Synopsis plus full manuscript)

  • A Cupid Christmas by Alexandra Sloane
  • Inn by the Lake by Mary Tilgham
  • Love in the Aisles by Heather Powell
  • Snowed In by Jessica Calla
  • The Art of New Beginnings – Carlie West
  • The Big Get by Sarah Vance
  • The Christmas Bride by Christy McKee
  • The Last Gift by Mary K Tilham

Please allow 2-3 weeks for partial review and 4-10 weeks for full submission review. Don’t hesitate to nudge if you haven’t heard from us after those time frames. Thanks again for your interest in CBG!

Tule Publishing

Please submit your bio, synopsis, full manuscript, and if part of series a series plan to [email protected] with SavvyAuthors Sweetheart Pitch in the subject line.

  • Stella Quinn – Hannah’s Secret
  • Tanya Nellestein – The Uninvited
  • Fenley Grant – Warrior of Eden

Lydia Sharp, Senior Editor, Acquisitions Manager, and Assistant Publisher at Entangled Publishing

Please submit the synopsis and first 50 pages to the appropriate imprint here: https://entangledpublishing.submittable.com/submit

Please address it to Lydia Sharp and mention in the query that it is a request from Savvy Authors.

Genre: Adult Sci-fi Romance
Length: 89,000 words
Author: Jess K Hardy

The Haunting on Palm Court
Paranormal Suspense, with romantic elements
70,000 words
Stephanie Edwards

Title: Fate’s Secret
Author: G.L. Cronin
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy/Myth/Romance
Word Count: 65,000

Title: Potion Magic (Book 1 of 3)
Genre: Romantic Suspense with a Paranormal Twist
Length: 82,000 words
Author: Jennifer Mason

Title: Captured in Paint
Genre: YA Fantasy (with romantic elements)
Length: 65,000 words
Author: Ann Martin Miller

Length: 75K
Author: Payton Frischhertz

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy (with romantic elements) #ownvoices
Length: 76,000 words
Author: Carla Luna

Deb Werksman, Editorial Director at Sourcebooks Casablanca

Please send a full proposal with SavvyAuthors Sweetheart Pitch in the subject line  to [email protected]

  • Sealed with a Kiss by Mick Arnold
  • Schmitt & Weston by P Crake
  • It’s Raining Men by Holly Smurthwaite
  • Big Island Cowboy by Courtney Sheets
  • Fair Youth by M. Dalto and Laynie Bynum
  • Hidden Agenda by Kathryn Halberg
  • East of Olympus by Michael Kuty
  • The Robber by Hallie Lee
  • Revolution of the Heart by Laurie Batzel
  • Gunnar by K.D. Garcia
  • More Text than Sex by Jim Shomos
  • Zura Starfire by Michell Burgan
  • Miller’s Cove by Jeanne Moore
  • His Enterprising Duchess by Mia Kay
  • More than a Spanish Tour by R.L. Merrill
  • Sunshine and the Grump by Jacqueline Snow

Rebecca Scott from the Totally Entwined Group

Please send your submission, plus a synopsis, to [email protected] with Savvy Authors Pitch in the subject line?

Pride Publishing

  • Sealed with a Kiss by Mick Arnold
  • Flirty Something by M W Arnold
  • Fair Youth by M Dalto and Laynie Bynum
  • The Boss by J Calamy
  • The Royal Treatment by Jayne Colridge

Totally Bound Publishing

  • Biological Instinct by M.A. Freeman
  • Lost in LA by Amy Craig
  • The Christmas Bride by Christy Jankowski
  • Gin’s Tonic by Olivia Owen
  • The Letter by Debbie Desmarteau
  • Cartel Continuum by Donald Diaz
  • The Visiting Surgeon by Jennifer Wile
  • “dibs” by Allison M Hubbard
  • A Wolf Too Human by PE Roberts
  • First to Fall by Andrew Adams

Finch Books

  • Torn by MJ Markovski
  • Ronnie and Bugs by Mary Beesley
  • Hooked-In by Anastasia Alexander
  • Within the Folds of a Swan’s Wing by Jennifer Walker
  • The Goodbye Kids by Debbie Inacu-Haddad
  • Captured in Paint by Ann Martin Miller
  • The Firsts and Faves of Eva & Alex by Tonya Preece
  • Life After Death by Jennifer Adams
  • Heavy Matter by Jayne Colridge
  • Dear Me by Sandra Panting

Leanne Morgan, Senior Editor at The Wild Rose Press

Please submit a synopsis and partial (Chapter 1-3 and last one) to [email protected]

  • The Art of New Beginnings by Cris Rhoads
  • The Christmas Bride by Christy Jankowski
  • Reunited by her Rescue Doc by Shannon M. Dougherty
  • Coming of Age by Yvonne DeSousa
  • The Patchwork Project and Hannah’s Secret by Stella Quinn (told her to send one now and the other after I decide on first)
  • The Letter by Debbie Desmarteau
  • Tide’s Out by Rose Phillips
  • After the Funeral by Fiona M Marsden
  • Season of the Past-Storms of the Future by Tiffanie Hutchings
  • The Quintessence of Dust by Sarah Schygulla
  • Finding Hope by Katie JP Bishop
  • The Art of New Beginnings by Carlie West

Reagan Rothe, Creator and Owner of Black Rose Writing

Please fill out our Submission Form Here and submit.

Title: One Man’s Salvation (Book one of six in Havoc Security Series)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 60,000 words
Author: ML Uberti

Title: Curing a Broken Dream
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Length: 80,000 words (bodyguard trope)
Author: Amy Craig

Title: It’s Raining Men
Genre: Steamy Romantic Comedy
Length: 90,000
Author: Hollie Smurthwaite

Title: Past Grief
Genre: Police Procedural/Thriller
Length: 88,000 words
Author: Ed Leahy

Title: Miller’s Cove
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 95,007 words
Author: Jeanne Moore

Title: Guilty Secrets (Firm Love #1)
Genre: Contemporary Romance with suspense element
Length: 60,000 words
Author: Jessica Calla

Title: Gin’s Tonic
Genre: Multicultural-Contemporary Romance
Length: 75,000 words
Author: Olivia Owen #OwnVoices #POC #Diversity

Title: The Uninvited
Genre: Mystery
Length: 60,000 words
Author: Tanya Nellestein

Title: The Girl in the Painting
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Word Count: 87,000
Author: Elise LaRocco

Title: Cartel Continuum
Subtitle: The Search for Benton Miles
Genre: Mystery Thriller Romance
Length: 65,000
Author: Donald Diaz

Title: The Killing Year
Genre: Adult, Psychological Thriller
Word count: 78,000
Author: Russ Trautwig

Title: Ardent
Genre: Women’s Fiction with Magical Realism
Length: 78,000 words
Author: Janet Pearson

Genre: Contemporary women’s fiction / mystery
Length: 80,000
Author: Cari Dubiel

Title: Best Left Buried
Genre: Thriller – political/espionage (series)
Length: 76,200
Author: Neil A White

Title: Something for Bebe
Genre: YA – thriller
Length: 78,800
Author: Neil A White

Debra Dixon, President and Publisher of BelleBooks

Please submit standard query letter, full manuscript, and detailed synopsis to [email protected] with the Email Subject Heading: Savvy pitch request – TITLE OF BOOK. Please attach full manuscript and detailed synopsis.

Title: Between Heaven and Hell: A New Beginning
Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
Length: 118,000 words
Author: Arielle Irvine

Title: The Uninvited
Genre: Mystery
Length: 60,000 words
Author: Tanya Nellestein

Title: Cartel Continuum
Subtitle: The Search for Benton Miles
Genre: Mystery Romance Suspense
Length: 65,000
Author: Donald Diaz

Title: 1969
Genre: Cozy Thriller / Mystery
Length: 75,000 words
Author: Liz Seymour

Title: Sorthare: Enter Stage Right
StarPlayers Universe
Genre: YA Space Fantasy
Length: 75,000
Author: Constance Key

Title: Longhand
Genre: Adult Urban Gothic
Length: 93,428
Author: Elaine Buckner

Title: Blood Torn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 80,000 words
Author: Marie Dry

Title: The First Murder
Genre: Police Procedural a la Chief Inspector Gamache
Length: 73,000 words
Author: Carol Kaufman

Title: The Color of Trauma
Genre: Supernatural Suspense
Length: 99,000
Author: Hollie Smurthwaite

Post your three-line pitch to agents and editors from Feb 12, 9 AM EST to Feb 14, 11:59 PM