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SavvyAuthors is partnering with Sourcebooks and offering a #OwnVoices pitchfest opportunity for authors of Color, LGBTQIA+, and Own Voices/Diverse romance! We’re working with Deb Werksman, Editor, Sourcebooks to help her find great diverse authors and get them published!

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Authors of Color, LGBTQIA+, and Own Voices/Diverse romance

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Title: How to Seduce Four Princes

Genre: Fantasy Romance (#ownvoices for bulimia)

Length: 73,000 words

Author: Katherine Toran

Three Line Pitch:
The forbidden love affair between Prince Requin and Guardswoman Oveline ends when he’s magically split into four people. The curse: he’ll die unless a woman who loves him sleeps with all four to break the spell. The catch: Oveline must seduce each of them without the others finding out.

Hook: After the prince of the sky is magically split into four people, only a woman who loves all four of him can recombine him into one person. An adult Cinderella with gender-bending and LGBT.

Sales history: debut
    Hi Katydid, thank you so much for pitching. Regretfully, I think this is a tough sell. In the romance category, multiple love/sex partners don't sell well except in menage erotic romance, where the three characters are all in love with each other. Romance readers seem to want that happy ending for the couple or trio. You might find that to be different in self-publishing but in the commercial publishing space I'd have a hard time selling HOW TO SEDUCE FOUR PRINCES.
Genre: Women's Fiction with Romance
#OwnVoices: Immigrant thread
Word Count: 99,800
Author: Desiree Kendrick

The Pitch: Chasing her 80s dream job a grabby boss steps on Dani's ambition while macho boyfriends string her along. Confidence is the stiletto worth wearing but nabbing the ideal job and perfect guy is harder than programming the VCR. Sophie Kinsella and Beth Corby mixed tape.

The Hook: Big hair and shoulder pads aren't enough to survive 80s mayhem in love or work.

OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED is written as a standalone, but part of a 3-book series. Book 2: The Spin Cycle follows the same character. The 90's have arrived and so has Dani, who's balancing motherhood and career. Some days, her husband and boss need the pacifier more so than the baby. At a time when women are told they can have it all, can she continue to line dance to the tune of men without slipping, tripping and falling on her butt?

Sales History: Debut Author
    Hi Desiree, thank you for pitching. I don't know that women's fic set in the 80s/90s is going to play for today's audience. It definitely won't work in the romance category, and since our general fiction editors require literary representation at this time, you might want to try to find a literary agent and have him/her pitch to the appropriate editor here at Sourcebooks. Many thanks!
Title: Heartbeat

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Sub-genre: Literary Fiction

Length: 75k words.

Author: Nicholas Brown

Three Line Pitch:
In the numb aftermath of his brother's death and after a mishap with a razor blade, seventeen-year-old Thomas Hart struggles to re-entry home and school life. But a chance encounter in a library shows him he can feel something other than pain.

Sales history: Debut.
    HI Nicholas, thank you for pitching. With a 17-year-old protagonist, this would have to go into the YA category. Our YA editors require literary representation at this time, so you might want to try to find a literary agent and have him/her pitch to the appropriate editor here at Sourcebooks. Many thanks!
Title: Longhand
Genre: Urban Gothic (genre-bending Paranormal Romance)
#ownvoice: CPTSD and LGBTQ
Length: 93,428 words
Author: Elaine Buckner

Let the Right One In meets A Discovery of Witches. The menthol hits and the stoic FLORENCE KELLY drifts into a light-headed reverie—a sweet release amid her father’s disappearance while being back under the same roof as her estranged mother. Florence befriends a local man, William, who becomes another sweet release until he sours with the reveal of an eldritch secret that turns her world… well, otherworldly. Now, ensnared in the world of magic, Florence must associate with the strange for a spell inked in the blood of witches to discover the truth while an unassuming marionettist tugs at her strings.

Sales history & series: Debut. The Dolor Saga has five planned books, all fully outlined. Longhand, Shorthand, and Idee Fixe shadow Florence and William following the events in Longhand. The latter two offer a prequel and legacy sequel in different POVs.

Hook: Unbeknownst witch, Florence Kelly, becomes ensnared in the world of magic in the wake of her father's bloodied disappearance, while blind to the otherworldly marionettist tugging her strings. Featuring a character with an emotional detachment disorder, Longhand offers a unique perspective on the dealings of love, grief, and magical elements.
    Dear Elaine, wow, there is a lot here! Regretfully, I think this is going to be a tough sell in the fantasy romance space--it sounds epic and dark, and might function better directly in the world of sci-fi/fantasy, which is alas, a genre fiction category that we don't publish.
Book Title: The Institution of Marriage
Genre: Contemporary Romance, #ownvoices
Length: 95,000 words
Author: LB Jones

What if I told you there is a husband-training academy that helps rich women acquire virile men for the purpose of marriage, children, and a happily ever after?

Pitch: Unemployed journalist Chris Smith thinks he has stumbled on a story about a high-end prostitution ring run by three women ob-gyns. Hidden in the swamps of rural Florida, The Institute is a training academy for “e-mail–ordered husbands,” where rich bachelorettes handpick their Forever Mate. Smith plans to resurrect his career by going undercover and exposing the Institute until he falls in love with his arranged future wife and her money, just like he was trained.

The Institution of Marriage series
Book 2: The Institution of Justice. The three talented ob-gyns must fight to maintain their reputations and remain out of jail. The Institute’s secret methods are revealed through the testimony of Institute matched couples who are forced to be witnesses at the doctor’s trial.
Book 3: Imitation Institute. After winning the highly publicized criminal trial, the doctors have to fight off imitation companies who threaten to weaken the value of the Institute’s matchmaking science. The women's friendship is tested by the men around them including the recruits, their husbands, and a male run investment company that wants to take over The Institute.

Author History: Self-published non-fiction Cheating but Not Cheated. Optioned for award winning documentary One Child Left Behind released April 7th on Apple TV and Prime Video.
    Dear LB, thank you for pitching. Regretfully, I don't think we'll be able to sell this series successfully. I don't find the premise credible, alas, nor a desirable world to visit for the reader's reading pleasure. And then I'm concerned that the second and third books aren't romances, so you're moving into a different category after the first book, and that doesn't work in the commercial publishing marketplace.
Book Title: Dark Beacon
Series Title: London Calling
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Women's Fiction (Own Voices)
Length: 80,000 words
Author: Tonya Todd

Book Hook: When a middle-aged biracial beauty on a quest for self-discovery meets a dazzling young Englishman straight out of a Jane Austen novel, she resolves to maintain her independence at the cost of her own happiness.

Series Hook: A middle-aged biracial beauty allows herself to be swept into an epic romance with a dazzling young Englishman only to learn his deceptive plan destroyed her family.

Book Pitch: Sasha Stone gave up her acting dreams to play the role of dutiful wife and doting mother of three. Abandoned by her husband the day her youngest child starts college, she quits her microaggression-filled office job to pursue acting. When she meets Lucian Blake, a dazzling Englishman straight out of a Jane Austen novel, his courtship of Shakespearean banter and literary quote quizzes threatens to derail her quest of self-discovery.

Book 2 Description: Sasha's fears prompt her to sabotage her relationship and try Lucian's patience beyond reason. The more she learns to trust him, the more we learn he doesn't deserve her trust.

Book 3 Description: Now that Sasha's heart is where Lucian wants it, her professional successes obstruct his true agenda. Fighting against his deadline, he must decide whether to force his plan despite the cost to her, abort the mission to support the woman he's come to truly love, or leave her to shine in her career while he pursues his goals with someone else.

Sales History: Debut author
    Dear Tonya, thank you so much for pitching. This is a tough sell for a few reasons. One is the cougar element--it has a place in the romance category but I'm not sure it will work with the mainstream readership we searve in the commercial publishing space. My other concern is that having the same hero/heroine through a three-book series rarely works in the romance category where the reader generally wants the happy ending for the couple and then new hero/heroine in each subsequent book. The HEA is why the romance reader buys the book.
Title: After Glow
Genre: Adult Contemporary romance (#ownvoices for depression)
Length: 94,00 words
Author: Crystal Wilson

Pitch: Kevin is a charming, successful, marriage counselor who has no intentions of settling down or living with a woman until he meets a delightful creature under unusual circumstances. Hailey is a proud, irresistible, athletic type who has had the rug pulled from underneath her in more ways than one, and is looking for a place she can call home. When a thrashing, tropical storm threatens her safety, Kevin takes Hailey to his house as their relationship grows into something more meaningful, but as his family and friends begin to doubt she is the perfect match for him, who will he listen to...them or his heart.

Hook: Hailey is torn between the boy who dumped her over twenty years prior and the man who can keep her off the streets for good.

Sales history: debut
    Hi Crystal, thank you for pitching. You have some time-tested tropes going in this romance, but I don't see the hook with which we'll sell to an overcrowded market. I fear this would be a tough sell for us.
Genre: Romantic Suspense (Diverse)
Length: 86,000 words
Author: Lillian Swindell (Author of Color)

September: Lovelorn Evan tweets a fake missed connection and a charming law student responds.
October – February: Someone DMs Evan unsettling information related to her new beau’s past; someone stalks her.
March: Someone dies.

Hook: The Arrangement meets Watching You when a hot winter romance turns into a girl’s worst nightmare.

SHE ALWAYS BELONGED TO SOMEONE ELSE is a stand-alone book with series potential. Book two follows the lives of the remaining characters, three years later, when a dark secret is revealed.

Author Sales History: Debut
    Hi Lillian, thank you so much for pitching. Romantic suspense is a very challenging subgenre to sell in the romance category these days. What used to work well is military/law enforcement heroes, band of brothers with lots of fun banter, a kickass heroine and an action packed plot. These days the stories that sell do seem to be a bit darker, but I'm not following your pitch clearly enough. I don't see the hook here, and I don't understand the few plot elements that you do include. I think you're being perhaps too subtle--you have to write an enticing hook that makes readers want to choose your book instead of Karen Rose, Kat Martin, Lori Foster, Heather Graham, Sharon Sala, and I can name a dozen more. It's a VERY crowded marketplace.
Subgenre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
#ownvoices: Judaism
Series Title: Sculpted Souls
Length: 99,000

Pitch: Magda Greenberg is a Jewish witch with Millennial struggles: She boomeranged back into her parents’ house and her magic is broken. With the help of an unruly golem and a charming ex-punk, she must forge a new path, even if it means alienating herself from those she loves the most.

Book Hook: Practical Magic meets Practical Demonkeeping when a clay monster upends the lives of a grumpy witch and the ex-punk she wishes she wasn’t falling in love with.

Series Hook: When it comes to the love lives of witches and clay monsters, what is normal, anyway?

Series Info: ABOUT A GOLEM is a standalone with potential for a sequel. Book 2, CERAMICS FOR BEGINNERS, follows Yosef the Golem as he builds a life for himself and tries desperately to ignore his feelings for Magda’s best friend.

Sales history: Published with a small press
    Hi Nadia, this is certainly a story I haven't heard before! What fun! Alas, I don't think the audience is going to be broad enough in the commercial publishing space but I do think a digi-first house could be a great place for you because they can get the book to market and don't have to sell at the levels we would require.
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Own Voices)
Length: 80.000
Author: Jacki Kelly

Series Title: Pell Point Series.

Pitch: Chasing Yesterday is The Bourne Identity meets The Photograph. Jason has two bullet scars in his chest and a memory so full of holes he knows nothing about his life before moving to Pell Point. Carmen Carrington opened a small art shop with her mother, but two years in, and the shop’s buried in red ink. He needs her and she needs him, but ghosts from their past threaten their budding relationship.

Next Book in Series: TURN UP THE HEAR is the second book in the Pell Point Series. Chef and restaurant owner Lisa Turner’s husband walked out on their marriage. But when he needs her help to seal a business deal, it’s an opportunity to save her marriage and her business.

Author History: I am a multi-published author in romance and women’s fiction. Since having my first three books published by Passion In Print, I’ve published over twelve books independently. I had another romance released in 2019 with Intrigue Publishing.
    Hi Jacki, I'm not a fan of amnesia in romance fiction--it seems to work in the category romance space and in self-publishing (perhaps) but not in commercially published single title romance, alas. I think if you're pitching a location-based series hook, then the world-building is going to be paramount--take a look at Sharon Sala's Blessings, Georgia series where the town is Southern to the core, and where bad things happen to good people but they always land on their feet while bad people always get their comeuppance. Supremely satisfying. I don't get any sense of your world here.
Book Title: Forever Gone
Series Title: The Forever Series (Gone, Dark, Light)
Genre: Fantasy Romance, Own Voices
Length: 97,000 words
Author: K.A. Rees

After her mother's murder, Ever discovers she’s descended from a dark dynasty and the lynchpin in a battle between five realms in a magical world she can’t remember. Now she has a crown on her head, blood on her hands, a betrothal, and a distractingly attractive enemy to deal with.

Book Hook: Becoming a princess in a magical world is the stuff of fairytales. But this orphan has the weight of a world at war on her shoulders.

Series Hook: The fairytale world Ever thought was legend is at war.

Book Series:
Ever was born into a world where magic is real, sexuality is fluid, and the five realms were once in harmony with nature. As magic waned, war broke out and her father was killed. Her mother escaped with her and Ever was raised as an only child in the normal world with no memories of her previous life until the age of eighteen. When she is brought home, the pressure to be the princess and heir she should have always been is more than she can handle while grieving for her mother. The series follows Ever's journey as she falls in love, becomes queen, searches for her long-lost sister, and tries to finally find her place and purpose. It was very important to me that the series includes LGBT relationships and realistically reflects war with characters who suffer from PTSD and have self-harmed.

Author history: I am a professional book editor who is working towards becoming a traditionally published career author. All of my fiction and nonfiction clients have 5-star reviews and some have hit bestseller. I self-published a nonfiction ebook that ranked at #1 in three categories and had a piece of flash fiction published in a magazine. I also self-published a standalone novel in 2014 before I knew much about the book industry or marketing. I have since pulled it to have it edited again and am considering self-publishing it again in a few months. I've spent the last couple of years writing and learning as much as I can about book marketing as I have several ideas for future books and am working towards being a successful author.
    Hi K.A., would you please send me a full submission on this project? I want to send it to a colleague of mine who is an expert in fantasy romance as well as LGBTQIA+. My email address is [email protected]
    Please include pitch for each book (3 books minimum) along with full manuscript, synopsis, and your publishing history as outlined here. Many thanks!
Title: The Forgiveness Quilt

Genre: Inspirational Romance and third place winner of the 2019 TARA writing award in the inspirational category.

Length: 62,092 words

Author: Journey Alise McNaire, pseudonym for a Northwestern University Creative writing graduate, author of color and registered nurse working the Covid 19 pandemic. Please ask Mary Altman editor whom I met during Spring Fling 2018 and the Sourcebooks open house in October 2019 through Chicago North RWA.

Three Line Pitch: A woman receives a “duty to warn” from her psychiatrist that her husband has the potential to kill both her and her daughter, enlists the help of her high school friend and leaves. She relocates to Barryville, Illinois, a quilt town based on the actual Underground Railroad town that was named a national landmark where she gets a job, goes into domestic violence counseling and joins a quilt Circle where she makes a Forgiveness Quilt for the mother who abandoned her. While her first husband finds her, she divorces him, meets and marries her second husband and they live happily ever after.

Sales history: Debut
    Paula that's so great that you've met Mary! There are a lot of elements to your pitch, and since in the romance category, what the reader is looking for is the love story and happy ending, I think you're going to have to have all that backstory about the violent ex-husband (which by the way is a time-tested trope) off-page and your heroine divorced and in Barryville by the time the story opens. All that said, at 62,000ish words, this is category romance length. In our experience it takes about 90,000 words for sufficient plot and character development for single title romance.
    Thank you for your hard work on behalf of all your patients and us, the public. Please know that my door and Mary's are always open for pitches, so if you want to refine/revise this one, and develop the manuscript fully, we're here for a revised/resubmitted pitch/submission.
Series Title: TBD
Genre: Contemporary (#ownvoices)
Length: 82,000
Author: Paris Wynters

Series Hook: When it comes to finding the missing, the K-9 Search and Rescue handlers of Manchester are pros. But finding love is one mission they aren't prepared for.

Book Hook: Penelope Martinez heads to Vermont along with her German Shepherd, Havoc, for one reason—to accomplish her lifelong dream of obtaining her search-and-rescue canine handler certification, but accidentally sets fire to and destroy a ranger building on state land. Nothing's going right for park ranger Jay Gosling--on top of his grandfather's worsening Parkinsons and all the equipment he saved away in a secure park building goes up in flames, Jay has to supervise the arsonist after the court orders her to help rebuild the structure. But when sparks start to fly, both must find a way to rebuild their hearts or lose the partner they've been searching for.

Next books in the series:
- Book 2: Nick, a cadaver handler, is thrown together with his ex-wife, also a K-9 handler, and must find a way to heal from the trauma of his past before he loses the love of his life once again (he didn't get to his sister in time to save her).

- Book 3: Charlene aka "Charlie" falls for the Incident Commander who believes K-9s are a waste of time and resources.

Author Sales: Three books coming out in June 2020, September of 2020, and January 2021 with Tule Publishing.
**Author is a nationally certified K-9 wilderness and cadaver handler**
    Paris, this is pretty interesting, although I don't know if K9 handlers will fit into contemporary romance (vs. romantic suspense). I liked the liveliness and dare I say, humor of the pitch for the first book in the series so please send a full submission to me at [email protected]
    I have a real concern about the second hero in the series being a cadaver handler. Tough stuff in a hero, and I don't get the same humor/world-building in the second short pitch.
    Finally, please please please don't name your third heroine "Charlie"--the trope of giving heroines a male name (Alex, Sam, Charlie, etc.) is overdone and kind of dated at this point.
Book Title - Dreamin' Big
Single Title - Can be made into series
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Length - 90,000
Author - Sandy Sullivan

Katie Silvers has big dreams that include the neon lights of Nashville, TN, lots of money, and fans who love her. What she didn't plan on was the harsh realty of Music City. Drunk and broke, she finds herself in a strangers bed with no memory of what happened the night before. Dustin Hawk has everything he could every want. Riding high on a new career, he doesn't need the trouble of a newbie in Music City, especially one as pretty and as talented as Kellie. Fortunately for Kellie, he's a gentleman.
    Hi Sandy, thank you for pitching. Alas, I'm not seeing the hook here, not getting the world-building at all, and finding the heroine unappealing. The pitch is too focused on how the plot opens and isn't focused at all on the marketplace. What's going to make a reader choose this over the hundreds of other contemporary romance options?
Genre: Historical Romance
Title: A lady for Laird Baillie
Series Title: Baillie Brothers
Ownvoices: disabled (Paraplegic)

Book Hook: What's a paraplegic heiress to do when the Laird sets his sights on her?

Series Hook: Sometimes those who are broken need love to help them fully heal.

Charlotte "Lottie" Alderidge is resigned to a quiet, loveless life of a paraplegic in 19th century England. Laird Finn Baillie already has his heir, he just needs a wealthy heiress to marry so he can provide for his clan. When sparks fly, can they both let down their guards and keep past traumas from interfering with their happily ever after?

Book 2: Colm returned from the dead, or at least returned from being presumed dead when he was actually being held prisoner by a rival clan. Now that he's returned, he doesn't know how he can assimilate back into the life he once led. Though Jane is a lady's made, she has always been more friend than servant- afterall, it was she who helped Lottie learn to live life again after becoming paralyzed. And she'll be damned if she's going to let Colm slip off into depression.

Book 3: Wilhelmina "Willie" Scott doesn't know a kilt from a ball gown. She's a rough and tumble cowgirl trying to make it in the Wild West. But when she kills a man who is attacking her friend, she needs to hide out from his posse. And fast. The best place to lay low, with her friend's brother, Ciaran, war chief of the Clan Baillie. Can a Scott and a Scot learn to get along?

Author sales history: hybrid. Traditionally published in Getting Schooled and Craving Forbidden (anthologies by Crave Publishing). Self-published novel Untarnishing Her Cowboy.
    Hi Poppy, thank you for pitching. Alas, this doesn't hold together as a series. The first book features a paraplegic heroine, but that element disappears from book 2 and I don't see a hook for book 2 at all--it sounds like a competent Scottish romance, but what will be the sales hook for it? And then in book 3 you bring in a cowgirl, which is a challenge all in itself. I would urge you to think about the market,and brand consistency. I think it could be possible to have a compelling romance series as long as the element you're claiming as your brand is consistent across all the books.
Book Title: Just A Touch Of Love
Series Title: White Lace Romance
Genre: Urban Paranormal Romance
Length: 80,000 words
Author: Mary Ayodele ( author of color)

Book Hook: When an earthy single mother with a gift of seeing through time meets a stunning middle-aged prophet, she is determined to keep her eyes on developing her God-given spiritual gift and fights the strange chemistry between them luring her to fall in love.

Series Hook: A earthy single mother resisting the call of love afraid it will distract her from serving God is slowly pulled into the arms of an ethereal prophet who holds the key to her spiritual future.

Book Pitch: Shaneka Bey created a life out of the ashes of her divorce and carved a healthy lifestyle and business for herself and her only child. After a tragic accident, Sheneka discovers her gift to see through time and begins to earnestly seek a teacher who can help her to understand her gift. When she meets Pastor Lawan Bishop, a traveling prophet, she fights the soft whispers of her heart to heal through loving him intimately.

Sales History: Debut author
    Dear Mary, there is something quite beautiful and compelling about your writing. I found myself drawn deeply into this pitch, even though it's very short. Alas, I don't think I can sell this series in today's marketplace--it would have to go into paranormal romance, and this kind of "gift" is a paranormal element that I've failed to sell over the years. I'm not sure how to advise you to position this, but if you can write a contemporary romance without the paranormal element, or if you can write a paranormal romance with an element that will sell (I hesitate to say it, but it's all shapeshifters at the moment, although witches may be coming in the future) my door is open for future submissions, directly to my email address [email protected] Thank you!
      Good Afternoon Ms Werksman,
      Thank you for your response, I appreciate it very much and it is very helpful. I have noted your suggestions and will be sending you a submission.
      Regards and good health to you and your kin.
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance (Own Voices)
  • Book title: Howl
  • The series hook: Sometimes love is in the last place you want to look.
  • Book hook: Kyla was married by proxy per her clan traditions but hated the practice so much she's never even seen her husband.
  • 2-3 sentence pitch: After the death of her grandfather, Kyla a werewolf and social media sweetheart is forced to come to terms with the state of her real life. The medicine that she used to suppress her shifting has run out, her abusive and heartless mother now wants her dead, and a rabies outbreak ravaging the shifter population has pushed her to the isolated towns of the Upper Peninsula and into the arms of the one man she's been avoiding all her life: her husband.
  • 2nd book: Between thwarting a rebel uprising and finding his kidnapped sister, Nigel doesn't have time for love, but ever since he'd felt the touch of Lucy, a healer, and succubus, everything has gone off track. Lucy, a veteran combat nurse, and non-practicing succubus, never expected to attract the interest of the rebels or of the shifter clan at war with them, but life always happens when you least expect it.
  • Author sales history ( debut, former hybrid/small publishing house)
    Rasheeda, the first book sounds really interesting, but if you start with shapeshifters/werewolves, you can't switch to a succubus for your heroine in book 2. It would be like going to a Dunkin Donuts and discovering that today they're selling fried chicken. Brand confusion. I'd be interested in reading some of your world-building if you can create a submission for a series that has a new hero/heroine in each book and sticks with the werewolf paranormal element. If you'd like to do that, please send submission to me at [email protected]
    thank you!
Pitches are now closed! Thanks to everyone who participated and special thanks to the team at Sourcebooks!

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