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Kendi McLain
Last Activity:
Aug 25, 2017 at 5:22 PM
Aug 6, 2017
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SW Missouri near Arkansas line
Forced Retirement

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Kendi McLain

scribbler, Female, from SW Missouri near Arkansas line

Kendi McLain was last seen:
Aug 25, 2017
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  • About

    SW Missouri near Arkansas line
    Forced Retirement
    Dona Fellows
    Blog URL:
    Genres I write in...:
    • Romance
    • Romantic Elements
    • Erotic Ficton
    • Fantasy (high,dark, light)
    • Historical
    • Horror
    • Western
    • Short fiction & Novellas
    Good morning and thanks for having me. In reality I started putting pen to paper when I was about 13. It was of a romance bent as I wrote stories involving myself, my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend. My father chastised me at one point and I threw everything away. One I saved has vanished over the years. I took creative writing in High School and my teacher told me my writing was trite and I'd never be published. I wrote romance.

    I didn't start writing again until my late husband was transferred to Deigo Garcia on an unaccompied tour. I wrote a poem, and turned it into a novel. Even in my ignorance at that time, I could see improvement between the first and second half of that manuscript. When we transferred to Italy, I spent a lot of time working on that manuscript. And started a new one which I entered in the RWA Golden Heart competition and made it to the semi finals. It was set in Ireland during the time when catholicism was forbidden and Priests were killed or went into hiding. And had no one to share the exciting news with. We didn't have a phone and probably could not have afforded the overseas call. Hubby didn't bother me about spending so much time writing, but that was about as far as his support went.

    I had a couple of critiques on the first manuscript, cried into a bottle of brandy and put it away. I still have it and after so long, I'll have to retype it into the computer.

    Now, I write a little of everything. I set up a blog so the folks I'd started writing the erotica for could get to the stories. They were born in a chatroom on AOL. We had Sunday morning storytelling by me, and the room was usually packed. Reviews were good. It had a purpose at that time, so the characters were not the kind you could close your eyes and see.

    My sister directed me to this site this morning during coffee, and so far, I've fallen love. I immediately enrolled in the BDSM seminar that starts tomorrow morning. Can't wait and can't wait to meet some of you!
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