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Special Event 7th Annual SavvyAuthors WriterCon

The totally free online writer’s conference brought to you by SavvyAuthors!

  1. Cathy Gove
    Cathy Gove
    Thank you so much for the Annual SavvyAuthors WriterCon. I took part in the Pitchfest, a few discussion/conferences and received some great resources. It is a wonderful free resource.
  2. Nessma
    A great opportunity to pitch agents and editors. However, more clarification is needed regarding the next steps of the process. Why can't agents like your post immediately or email you directly??
    As for the webinars, they are informative. A very good source for reference.
    What's absolutely amazing about this conference is that it is free :)
    1. lesliedow
      Author's Response
      Thanks Nessma. :) Each of the agents and editors has their own way of interacting in the pitchfests. We do ask that they give us the full list of requests so we can publish them by October 1. Some do post directly in the comments, though. :)
  3. gleigh
    There were a lot of constructive ideas that I was able to take from WriterCon this year, thanks to all the authors who gave their time to this event. I learned new ideas and techniques that I hope to incorporate into my novels in the future.
  4. suez
    informative, entertaining, tons of material to study after the conference ends, qualified instructors willing to help and engage, great feedback. Absolutely worth the time, and thank you so much to the team for this site and the conference. I'm loving it.
  5. DLKowalyshyn
    The pitch event alone is well worth a 5 star rating. It's not often a writer gets a leg up to pitch to such well respected professionals in the industry. Kudos to everyone who put together the line-up.
  6. Mako-clb
    I loved that there was a mix of classes and webinars on a variety of topics, making sure there was something for everyone and enough to keep us busy for the entire weekend. The timing is also great because it's after summer vacation, before the holidays, and prior to NaNoWriMo.
  7. Barbara Josselsohn
    Barbara Josselsohn
    It was very easy to pitch the agents. The instructions were very clear.
  8. tmwriter724
    Too difficult to follow anything. And I'm on a PC.
    1. lesliedow
      Author's Response
      Sorry, you are having problems. Can we help? We'd love to make your experience better. thanks!
  9. Fiona Darrow
    Fiona Darrow
    Difficult to follow on an iOS device
    1. lesliedow
      Author's Response
      Hi Fiona. We try to make the site accessible and are always happy to get feedback. Feel free to email us at support @ savvyauthors.com if you would like to give us details. We have time before the Con begins and can likely address at least a few issues. :) thanks!