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New Advanced GMC with Kat Duncan

Create multi-dimensional characters with GMC

  1. Kat Duncan
    New this year at SavvyAuthors!:
    • New!!
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    • Characters
    • Genre
    • GMC
    • Plotting
    • POV
    • Voice
    • Worldbuilding
    You've read Deb Dixon's book several times and used it to plot out one or more novels or novellas. You understand external and internal goals and their related motivations. You have a good grasp on conflict, and yet your novels either seem weak in the areas of tension and suspense, or agents and editors keep passing on your partials or fulls. What's missing? What are you doing wrong? Goals, motivations and conflicts can be fantastic, but they must also be presented in a way that motivates readers to read. Take a fresh look at GMC with this workshop which will show you how to look at goals, motivations and conflicts from a reader's point of view. We'll explore ways to ensure that your GMCs will work together well as well as investigate how well you have applied them.

    Come prepared to analyze novels on your bookshelf or e-reader (no TV or movies allowed) the way a literature professor would, and do exercises writing new scenes with instructor-given GMCs. And then apply the lessons learned to your own WIPs so that your GMC charts are not only crystal clear, but those GMCs flood the page with prose that rivets the reader's attention like a bestseller.