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New Author Branding with Lana Pattinson

Polish your brand and stand out from the crowd.

  1. gingergrouse
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    Have you ever thought…gosh, that author looks so put together. Everything matches on her website and social media, and she stands out from the crowd.

    Branding for Authors is a mixture of career planning and marketing. Of defining yourself, and what you offer to your readers. Each week will have a lecture and assignment(s) to complete, with feedback from the instructor and the rest of the class.
    You’ll finish this class with
    • a clear understanding of your brand
    • A good description of what you stand for
    • Useable ideas to leverage your messaging to reach your target audience.

    What is a brand and why is it important?
    Defining yourself through branding
    The 3 phases of brand building
    Developing your visual brand guidelines
    Visual tools for branding consistently across multiple social media channels
    Please note: this course walks you through strategic thinking and offers exercises to define your brand. It does not include tactical specifics (e.g. which social media channels to use or how to refresh your author website).