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New for 2017 Beautiful Branding for Authors: Creating Blog Images with Lisa London

Add to your branding toolkit and learn to create beautiful images!

  1. Lisa Siefert
    New this year at SavvyAuthors!:
    • New!!
    Basic and Premium Members Prices:
    Premium Members $30 & Basic Members $40

    **Register by September 25 and save $5, use code BLOGIMAGESLONDON at checkout!**
    $5 off Early Registration Coupon-expires 1 week before class starts:
    • Business
    • Indie Publishing
    • Marketing
    • Writer's Life
    Did you know that....
    • Blog articles with images get 94% more views?
    • Or that Including a Photo and a video in a product release [aka as your book release] increases views by over 45%?
    • An estimated 84 percent of communications will be visual by 2018
    • Posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts
    Up your Visual Online presence by learning:
    • How to create images that are as beautiful as your book covers
    • How to foster brand recognition across all your social media platforms with images
    • Best sources for stock photos, images and icons for your blog
    • How to create a digitally branded watermark
    • Best font pairings
    • How to decide between solids, patterns and decorative elements
    • The psychology of color when it comes to consumer purchase decisions
    • And more
    You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create Beautiful Blog Images but you do need to understand the foundational concepts behind what sets apart good design from bad.
    This course will be taught over 4 lessons - one per week. You will be given pre-made design templates to work with.

    You will need Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer for the class. It is $9.99/month and can be purchased here https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/plans.html by selecting the Photography option. Alternatively, you can do a 30-day trial of Adobe Photoshop for FREE when the course begins.

    No prior Adobe Photoshop experience required.
    This class will teach you the basics of Adobe Photoshop [live on-screen tutorials] and I will provide templates for you to work with as well.
    Check out HERE for video on workshop.

Recent Reviews

  1. Gina
    I'm rating this as 1 low and 5 is high. The class started off great. Video presentations were great and detailed. Then, we were directed to adobe software. I knew this and signed up with Adobe. Where things went wrong was in the direction. Previous videos had been detailed about every facet of, for example, a photo shoot. I thought there would be a similar approach with Adobe instruction (it's complex software for the beginner). Instead, the level of instruction shifted into faster gear. When I posted about just getting started in Adobe (and being overwhelmed with trying to maneuver within it), the response I got was a friendly, "well, this is what it is." A good instructor takes the pulse of a class. He/she breaks down intricate subject matter to bite size pieces and walks students through it. Giving a "good luck with it because this is the way it is" is not the best approach. I cancelled my Adobe account. I had already signed up for the vlogging class but I'm not sure it will be worth my time now.
    1. Lisa Siefert
      Author's Response
      Hi Gina: Sorry to hear you didn't find the class as helpful as you thought. I do take all student feedback into consideration as I'm updating the course. And while what one person maybe perceive as beginner another may perceive as intermediate and another as advanced so I do try my best to make accommodations and add in extra tutorials all the time.
  2. Elizabeth Jewell Headden
    Elizabeth Jewell Headden
    Lisa London is a great instructor! Her video lessons were extremely helpful and taught me more than I usually learn from text only classes. She wants to help you succeed! She answers questions and is very approachable. I look forward to her next classes!