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New for 2017 Building a Brand for the Habitually Unfocused with NY Times Bestselling Author Monica Corwin

Learn the keys to having it all!

  1. Monica Corwin
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    • Mentoring
    • Writer's Life
    The human attention span has shortened from 12 seconds to 8 seconds thanks to our society’s level of digital immersion, according to a study from Microsoft. Congratulations, you have a shorter attention span than a goldfish (9 seconds). In a fast paced world writers require the ability to slow down, face life’s experiences, and document them in a way that can keep someone interested far longer than 8 seconds. How is building a rich creative lifestyle approachable in today’s world? Let alone building an entire brand to entice new readers and keep loyal ones.

    Building a Brand for the Habitually Unfocused is one writer’s delve into practicing a fuller life, with richer experiences, that translates to author’s work, and their writing. This course is a hands on experience with daily activities to propel you from unfocused to immersed.
    Week 1:
    Discuss hindrances to our ability to focus and ways to combat them. Techniques to build a more experience driven life, and writing practice. Focusing techniques for the CRITICALLY unfocused (for those who need a little extra help). The unfocused individual vs. the internet.

    Week 2:
    Discuss how analog systems can help authors bring to light challenges they face on a daily basis, writing pitfalls, and marketing. Mind and body techniques to build a fuller writing practice. Creativity intensive on how to ratchet up the sparks that make our stories happen.

    Week 3:
    Discuss tools and tricks to build your brand toward the habitually unfocused masses. This week will be more technical involving how to monitor your involvement with your readers, social media, and marketing efforts. This week will highlight ways to improve your output to reduce the time required on the input.

    Week 4:
    Following the previous week’s analytics based intensive, week four discusses turning those analytic statistics into real readers. Monitoring daily habits and writing to create better books, more loyal readers, and turn clicks into fans.