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New Controlling Fiction's Grammar with Sally J. Walker

Make friends with grammar to make your writing sparkle!

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    • Editing
    • Grammar
    • Writer's Life
    The grammar rules of any language provide a framework of meaning allowing humans to accurately communicate. Students learn the definitions and how to apply them. A writer’s PURPOSE for grammar usage goes far beyond these fundamentals. Writers want to smoothly paint vivid word pictures the reader will believe and mentally envision. This 8-Session workshop will walk you through the most common grammar problems encountered by professional book editors, including passive vs. active writing, appropriate use of adjectives and adverbs, use of commas, variation of sentence structure, transitions between scenes, and shifting point-of-view. How to develop your own “voice” will be addressed, as well as revision techniques.
    Session One: Artistic Mindset about Basic Language Concepts
    Session Two: Logical Ordering of Words, Sentences, Paragraphs
    Session Three: Verb Variety, Word Usage, 107 Misused Words
    Session Four: Punctuation that Makes Sense
    Session Five: Logical Transition Words & Techniques
    Session Six: Point of View, Idioms, Jargon & Dialect
    Session Seven: Elements of Prose & Development of Style
    Session Eight: Art of Revision