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New Cook up the Perfect Romance with award-winning hybrid author Nancy Brophy

Find the right ingredients to cook up the perfect romance!

  1. Nancy Brophy
    New this year at SavvyAuthors!:
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    • Characters
    • Description/Setting
    • Dialog
    • Structure
    • Genre
    • GMC
    • Plotting
    • Worldbuilding
    • Writer's Life
    Can you shape chefs/ ingredients/cooking methods/spices and seasoning into an award – winning writing?

    In today’s market, genre is no longer dictated by NY publishing. There are smash ups that combine, inspiration erotica, historical steampunk, Jane Austin and Zombies. These are heady times. However, your book still has to sell. It is still important to choose a universal theme with a twist – such as Little red riding hood turning out to be the wolf, or Cinderella rescuing the Prince.

    Telling the story of the Civil war though the prospective of an onion may make you cry, but it doesn’t have wide-spread audience appeal. We already know your mother thinks you’re brilliant, but an audience of one won’t help your career.

    Meat loaf can be a comfort food but it is boring. There’s nothing new here folks. But what if the meatloaf was in the shape of Texas and studded with jalapenos and chicken fried?
    1) Selecting the menu
    a. Genre within a genre
    b. Universal theme for marketability

    2) Selection of choice ingredients
    a) Protein – Characters
    1)Three dimensional
    2) GMC

    3) Binder – Setting
    a) Where / when / why

    4) Spice – twist or kink

    5) Method of incorporating the ingredients
    a) Plot
    b) Theme
    c) Story arc

    6) Seasoning –
    a) layering

    7) Cooking to proper doneness
    a) Editing
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