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Craft Crafting the Male - Understanding His Mindset to create better characters with Sascha Illyvich

Climb into the brain of your hero to learn how he works!

  1. SaschaIllyvich
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    • Editing
    • Dialog
    • POV
    • Voice
    • Worldbuilding
    Would you like to get a better grip on the male mind? Find out what's really going on in our heads so you can create better heroes and villains with more depth?

    In this workshop we will do just that. We'll take the male mind and distill it into an easy to understand framework, because men are actually really simple.

    We will discuss character creation, using a quick method I stole shamelessly from my mentor, and how to get deep inside our heroes and villains heads.

Recent Reviews

  1. Missye Maroon
    Missye Maroon
    I honestly wanted to like this more, and it began promising. But a few tidbits from this class surfaced to maybe fine-tune it and the lessons more.

    TIMEFRAME--For much of the material covered, it was a LOT to read and digest in a short span. I'd like to see more examples, in shorter bites, of each of the points made to discern a better male POV.

    LENGHTH--I honestly thought there was so much material here, it's better to draft this for a Kindle upload and writers/authors can read though the topics at their own pace/leisure. Also include some interactive examples of the author's male character(s) that aren't necessarily one specific archtype or another; in my case, mine are a blend of three or more. But to boil them down into two words--all are underdog anti-heroes. And for that part of the lesson, I dind't glean much flexibility in that aspect, thinking each of my guys HAD to be one or the other. Humans aren't like that, so characters shouldn't be (IMO).

    INTERACTION--Maybe it was just me, but I didn't get a sense of much interaction, either wise each of the class members and/or the instructor. Again, I guess it was because it was so much information in a slip of timeframe, that wasn't possible. But maybe either increase the class time length--definitely enough material to do this with, and SO worth it, IMO--or make it more interactive with the classmates and fewer, but KEY, examples, we can use for our characters. And the instructor can offer more feedback--or ask if any of us were stuck (I know I was, since it was a lot thrown at me so fast to really delve into and let it marinate for my benefit.)

    Overall, good class, but it seemed missing something that I could've plugged in more. Again, could've been just me, and it's not to take from the lesson things didn't work, but some tweaking will really make this rock.
  2. Lia K
    Lia K
    I enjoyed Sascha's class, Crafting the Male POV. Sascha provided all of the information he said he would and more. Excellent lessons, examples, and opportunities for practice.
  3. Connie Parrott
    Connie Parrott
    I missed this class a year ago and was very happy to see it re-surface. What can one say about Sascha? He's so unique. Always gives 200% of himself in these classes. Directs you to solid references. Every so often, he throws in personal bits that make you feel like you're simply sitting with him in his living room, chatting. His take on the male point of view is purely Sascha-esque. You have to take one of his classes to understand what I mean. Only problem? I think I'm caught up on all his classes. :(
    1. SaschaIllyvich
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much darling! And nope, I think I have one or two you haven't taken yet...I'll definitely look. The folks at Savvy have always been good to me.
  4. JaclynR.
    Great Class wonderful notes