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New for 2017 Dead Right- Autopsies for Authors with Federal Forensic Investigator Geoff Symon

Get your facts straight on all things corpses

  1. GSymon
    New this year at SavvyAuthors!:
    • New!!
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    • Characters
    • Description/Setting
    • Editing
    • Structure
    • Genre
    • POV
    • Voice
    • Worldbuilding
    • Writer's Life
    Corpses pop up in every genre, from family funerals to violent crimes to creatures that won’t stay buried. This workshop introduces authors to the specifics of the postmortem, from time of death estimates to Y-incisions. Get the facts for your fiction – we’ll cover it all from cadaver to slab!
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Recent Reviews

  1. PauletteN
    Full of useful information delivered in a form useful for writers. Answers questions posed by students to the best of knowledge on the subject. Don't miss a class with Mr. Symon!
  2. Patricia Rickrode
    Patricia Rickrode
    I loved this class. It was informative and straightforward. The information was easy to understand and easy to access online (I'm not a techie so sometimes these online things trip me up).
  3. NicholeSevern
    I enjoyed the material, but some additional media would be nice rather than pages and pages of text. Videos, graphics, autopsy reports.
  4. Lynn Shannon
    Lynn Shannon
    Love this workshop! Geoff did a fantastic job going through all of the aspects of an autopsy in detail. He is very willing to answer any forensic plot question you may have, even off-topic. I've taken several of his workshops and never been disappointed.
  5. Julie Glover
    Julie Glover
    In two weeks, I learned so much about autopsies—from basic terminology to time of death determination to specific details related to students' stories. Symon was clear, succinct, and responsive. I highly recommend this course to other authors!
  6. Melanie Jayne
    Melanie Jayne
    I enjoyed this class and I found it to be as advertised. It was very basic. My favorite part was the factoids that the instructor shared.

    I would suggest that there be a more advanced class for those that might want to learn more.

    I plan on taking more classes from this instructor.
  7. ksue
    Excellent. Geoff always makes these great - and he doesn't mind being bombarded with plot questions :)
  8. Kate Pavelle
    Kate Pavelle
    Interesting information I'd have to sift for elsewhere was supported by personal experience, and valuable Q&A periods. This course gives a good general background on autopsy, evidence gathering, DNA and how long it lasts, fiction vs. real life scenarios, time of death estimates, etc. Geoff always has interesting information to bring to the table.
  9. Blaine D. Arden
    Blaine D. Arden
    The lesson material was very interesting, and I liked how freely Geoff Symon answered the questions that were posed during the lessons.
    Thank you!!!