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workshop Designing, Developing and Running an effective Facebook Ad campaign with Leslie Dow

Get the most out of your Facebook ad $$$

  1. lesliedow
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    • Business
    • Indie Publishing
    • Marketing
    • Technology
    Facebook is the undisputed 600-lb Gorilla of the Social Network world. With 1.71 billion monthly users it is also one of the richest potential sources of readers for your stories. It’s clear that just posting to your network is not sufficient and Facebook ads do work and can be cost effective. How do you create an ad that will sell your book? And once you do how do you ensure that Facebook displays your ad the way you want it to be seen? Finally, how do you turn lookers into buyers?

    Leslie has used various approaches in developing and refining the Facebook ad strategy for SavvyAuthors. Join her and learn:
    • Simple tricks to get the most out of the Facebook Ad Manager
    • Designing a visually appealing ad that meets Facebook’s requirements and will sell your book
    • Ensuring your landing page is converting viewers to buyers
    • How to best use the Facebook Analytics to get the most out of your ad audiences
    Week One:
    • Determining your ad strategy and goals
    • Paid ads vs organic reach. When to use each and what tools are available
    • Overview of the Facebook Ad manager
    • Designing your ad: Text, images, and layout
    Week Two​
    • Facebook Ad Analytics, what they are, what they mean
    • Monitoring your ad results, when to tweak and when to sit on your hands :)
    • Continuous Improvement: learning about your product, audience, ad, and landing page from your ad results.

Recent Reviews

  1. Lynn Balabanos
    Lynn Balabanos
    This was a great class! The lessons were well laid out and the instructor was fantastic about answering questions. I really learned a lot.