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Edit Camp Edit in the WILD summer Editing BootCamp

You've spent the summer writing, now get ready to edit that draft!

  1. lesliedow
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    The end of summer looms. You have a manuscript nearly done!


    But wait...nearly is not done and summer is not over yet. Finish up your summer and your drafty book with our end of summer Edit in the WILD summer Editing BootCamp.

    Spend the last 4 weeks of summer with your Savvy Friends working toward a common goal: a finished, polished and ready to pitch manuscript. In early fall SavvyAuthors will host another great pitch event. Make sure that your manuscript is ready to go and to sell!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Barbara Bates
    Barbara Bates
    There were good things about this session, but I'd like to suggest some possible improvements.
    1. I liked the fact it started out with a read through. This really helped to remind me of earlier parts of the story.

    But, as I went through it, I made notations about subplots, and checked to make sure all the things I started were followed through. Perhaps inttroduce a notation system to use while reading through the story?

    2. For the second part of the editing, I'd like to suggest getting together some basic information about: plot, characterization and POV, dialogue, and setting. Put them in one area and have them available to use as reference.

    3. I'd like to see this session extended to include a line-by-line read through -- and again have a section available with articles pertinent to things like: over used words, deleting pronouns, varying sentence length, etc.

    4. Either before the line-by-line, or after, have those taking part in the session use the word counter. This will allow each author to become aware of the overused words and which words they used the most.

    5. I'd like to see a brief outline at the beginning of the session -- something like:
    - First read through. days 1 to 4
    - characterization and scene break down days 5 to 7
    - line-by-line days 8 to 10
    - spell check and word counts day 11
    - final read through days 12 to 14

    I'd also like to suggest extending this to 3 weeks instead of 2, and like the above suggests, to have a final read through.

    These are my suggestions, and if you like any of them, contact me, I'd be happy to help set up some of the areas. Take care, Barbara Bates
    1. lesliedow
      Author's Response
      Hi Barbara! Great ideas, thanks for sharing. I think I agree with most of them particularly the length. Agreed, this is not a two-week event! :)
  2. crowland
    Lots of good information