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New for 2017 How to be Most Successful in Your Writing Career with Irene S. Roth

Learn the eight habits to achieve success!

  1. Sunny Irene Roth
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    It can be hard for writers to be successful. However, I believe that we can all take concrete steps to be more successful by being more efficient, regardless if we are beginning writers or more seasoned writers.

    In other words, I believe that the ticket to success for a writer occurs by taking efficient actions every day. In this workshop, I will show writers of all levels how to be successful, content, and in control of their writing careers.

    Yes, you can have the writing life that you desire!

    You don’t have to resent other writer’s success. You can bring about success in your own writing career.

    We all have times when we find it difficult to write efficiently. We feel frustrated during such times because we could be doing a lot more writing than we are doing in our allotted writing time. We all sometimes waste time and don’t work as efficiently at our writing as we should.

    Some of us tend to waste a lot of time surfing the internet or answering emails when we’re supposed to be writing. And this can really affect our overall productivity every year.

    There is nothing more frustrating to a writer than to feel like (s)he could have done so much more and could be a much more efficient writer, yet (s)he seems powerless to do anything about it. If this sounds familiar, this workshop is for you.

    In this workshop, I will outline 8 habits that, if followed consistently will ensure that you are much more successful. In fact, I will show you how to become efficient with little effort.
    Here is a description of what to expect in this workshop:
    Week 1: Determine your sources of anxiety with writing and the areas that you feel less than efficient.
    Week 2: I will outline the first 4 habits of highly efficient writers.
    Week 3: I will outline the last 4 habits of highly efficient writers.
    There will be an assignment each week. For best results, please complete the assignment.
    There will be one live chat during this workshop.
    At the end of the workshop, you will receive a free e-book with all of the information from the workshop and much more. I will also recommend other resources for future reference so that you could continue to hone your skills and be the most successful writer that you can be.
    I look forward to showing you to be successful in your writing career. Please join me for this intensive yet enjoyable and life changing workshop!