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New Journaling for Writers: The “Write” Way to Fiction and Nonfiction with Erica Miner

Unlock the power of journaling to unleash the best writer you can be.

  1. Erica Miner
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    • Writer's Life
    Anne Frank… Virginia Woolf… Sylvia Plath… Thérèse de Lisieux… Franz Kafka… Ivan Turgenev… Samuel Pepys… Anais Nin… Susan Sontag… Henry David Thoreau.

    It is no coincidence that the words “journey” and “journaling” derive from the same root. Journaling can be a journey or it can recount a journey. Over the centuries the above well-known writers have chronicled such journeys in their own journals, thus sharing their innermost thoughts, fears, doubts and hopes with the literary world-at-large. In fact, we have come to know many of these writers through their journals as well as through their literary works. Moreover, journaling continues to be a valuable resource for present-day writers. Even the most common journal entry can start a journey of self-discovery.

    Journaling is such an empowering tool that Oprah Winfrey actually credits the practice for saving her life. For writers, the act of journaling can not only empower, but also encourage creativity, inspire stories to rise from the imagination, rouse a dormant talent, and galvanize one’s creative resources. Plus it is the best therapy in the world.

    Compelling reasons still exist as to why a writer should consider keeping journals to help along the process of creating his or her works, whether fiction or nonfiction. Through one’s journals, a writer can gain personal insights that can deepen characters and spark the imagination. Historically, journals have provided insights into the psyches of literary figures and other luminaries; in present times, readers continue to look to the journals of writers to gain a deep understanding of a writer’s creative processes.

    Author Erica Miner brings an expertise developed over a near-lifetime of journaling to this workshop to illustrate how a writer can mine his or her experiences to shape a work of fiction or nonfiction. She discusses the reasons why journaling is such a powerful tool, and what famous people have revealed through their journals. She then instructs her own methodology of journaling and leads participants in a hands-on session of journaling techniques, with thought-provoking prompts and writing exercises. Participants will receive a pdf of Erica’s well-researched Journaling Resource Sheet.