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New Knockin' Boots---Writing Steamy Sex Scenes with Em Petrova

Spice up those sex scenes!

  1. RJ Garside
    New this year at SavvyAuthors!:
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    In this 3-week long workshop, you will explore the dirtiest little secrets of romance writing—sex scenes. From making sure your characters don’t have too many body parts to levels of intimacy and different types of sex play, you’re sure to improve your writing skills.
    Week 1:
    Introduction and party in the Slave Cave
    Turn up the heat—how description and details amp it up (or tone it down for the sweet romance lovers)
    Exploring the levels of intimacy

    Week 2:
    Purple prose and sex synonyms—is it hot or too much?
    Dialogue—from pillow talk to dirty talk, what sends your characters out of control?
    Independently moving body parts

    Week 3:
    Menage and more! Managing multiple partners in romance
    Playtime—anal, BDSM, battery-powered fun, and how to avoid non-consent
    Group critiques of 2000 word scenes
    Wrap-up and Bonus info—5 tips for self-editing

Recent Reviews

  1. Amy Humfleet
    Amy Humfleet
    It's a shame becuase the first post, there was a lot of responses and interactions with the group taking the class. It dwindled down to 0 posts from the class participants and 0 responses from the professor after the first post. I think if Em would have provided more encouragement and prompting, there may have been more participation. I was disappointed.