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New for 2017 Macro-Editing: Fixing the Big Picture with Terri Main

Macro editing the big stuff

  1. terrimain
    New this year at SavvyAuthors!:
    • New!!
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    $5 off Early Registration Coupon-expires 1 week before class starts:
    • Characters
    • Description/Setting
    • Editing
    • Dialog
    • Structure
    • Plotting
    • POV
    • Voice
    • Worldbuilding
    The first stage in editing is to make broad changes in the basic elements of the story. These generally include addressing problems with the story line, characterization, and world building or setting.

    This course helps the writer learn what to look for during this macro-editing stage.

    This course includes:
    • Creating a Plan of Action
    • Examining Story Structure
    • Fleshing Out Characters
    • Making the World of your Story Believable
    • Addressing Consistency
    • Fixing Plot Holes
    • Nine Questions to Ask

Recent Reviews

  1. Connie Parrott
    Connie Parrott
    I chose this class on impulse after reading Terri Main's blog advertising the class. (A member of SavvyAuthors since 2015 and just now realizing that these blogs contain a wealth of information!) She advised that writers, including wannabes, don't have to blow a fortune hiring an editor. We can learn to do our own editing and significantly cut down on our costs of forwarding a book toward publication. Terri's very thorough in her step-by-step process of how to read through your manuscript for proper story structure, setting, characters and POV. She welcomes questions and has endless patience when it comes to assisting those of us who are clueless at times (speaking for myself, of course). Glad that I happened to read her blog and located this class. Ending my Savvy year of courses on a high note! Thanks, Terri!