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New for 2017 One POV or Numerous POV? How's a writer to decide? with Beth Daniels

Get the scoop on numerous POV

  1. bhendbks-yahoo.com
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    • Structure
    • Genre
    • Plotting
    • POV
    • Voice
    • Worldbuilding
    It’s tough enough for some writers to sort out exactly what Point of View (POV) is and how to maintain it, but when the choice gets further muddied by sorting out whether to stick with one character or get into the heads of more than one…well, there’s no easy answer.

    There is a way to look at the pros and cons of single POV vs multiple POVs though, and that’s what this 1 week class is all about.

    We’ll do it all in daily brief lectures and creative challenges. Panters and Plotters both welcome to slip inside the virtual classroom door.

    And, as an aside, I write in both singular and numerous POVs – all depends on the genre niche I’m in.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Connie Parrott
    Connie Parrott
    Great short class. Beth eased my mind greatly about the dreaded Deep POV, which equals a root canal, if I may say so...in a kind way...yeah, right. Okay, Beth was a lot nicer about Deep POV than I'm being, but her reasoning was sound logic. And I shall use her argument against it forevermore. I'm not usually that negative. My mom always said "if you can't say anything nice...blah, blah." I can say this because mom's deceased. Watch Deep POV up and bite me on the butt now. I sure hope there's not a league of Deep POV fans out there lying in wait for me...I could possibly try it. Not. Thanks for siding with me on this, Beth, lol.