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Special Event Polish your Pitch with SavvyAuthors

Get that pitch polished to a perfect shine to sell your book!

  1. lesliedow
    Basic and Premium Members Prices:
    Basic $40 (Cost of a New Premium Membership)
    Premium Members: Free
    • Indie Publishing
    • Pitch
    • Critique
    May is Pitch Month here at SavvyAuthors and we want everyone's pitches the very best they can be!

    We offer a one week, directed mini workshop to help you polish that pitch. You will join a group of writers just like you and post your pitch. You will receive feedback from your peers and SavvyAuthors' staff and our own SavvyAuthors Pitch Production Guidelines for you to use to polish ANY pitch!

    At the end of the week, you will:
    • Have run your pitch through ourPitch Production Guidelines
    • received feedback on the strenghts and improvement opportunities for your pitch from your peers and SavvyAuthors staff
    • Be ready to pitch your story at our May Pitch Event May 17-19

    Don't miss this great opportunity to get that pitch ready for prime time!