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Special Event Polish your Sweetheart Pitch with SavvyAuthors

Get that pitch polished to a perfect shine to sell your book!

  1. lesliedow
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    February is Sweetheart Pitch Month here at SavvyAuthors and we want everyone's pitches the very best they can be!

    We offer a one week, diremini-workshopkshop to help you polish that pitch. You will join a group of writers just like you and post your pitch. You will receive feedback from your peers and SavvyAuthors' staff and our own SavvyAuthors Pitch Production Guidelines for you to use to polish ANY pitch!

    At the end of the week, you will:
    • Have run your pitch through ourPitch Production Guidelines
    • received feedback on the strenghts and improvement opportunities for your pitch from your peers and SavvyAuthors staff
    • Be ready to pitch your story at our Sweethheart Pitch Event from February 14-16

    Don't miss this great opportunity to get that pitch ready for prime time!

Recent Reviews

  1. Mary K Tilghman
    Mary K Tilghman
    It went too fast and I couldn't figure out when things were due. I missed everything. I guess I'm not too savvy. But I am disappointed that I didn't get to revise my pitch. Don't know if I'll take another class here.
    1. lesliedow
      Author's Response
      Sorry that you had problems. We'll take your feedback into consideration for our next pitch prep. Thanks for letting us know.
  2. Sarah Vance
    Sarah Vance
    I am grateful for the way the class was given a very specific timeline for posting homework and getting feedback. It made it easy to schedule a visit to the website into my writing day. I was also very grateful for the feedback -- both from other participants and the instructor. Thank you.
  3. Kamy
    Very good feedback and such a great idea to perfect that pitch thank you to everyone
    1. lesliedow
      Author's Response
      Glad you found it useful! Thanks!
  4. Barbara Bates
    Barbara Bates
    It would be nice if the moderators could encourage the participants to leave opinions in the areas of other participants. And to set up a flexible timeframe as to what to do and when.

    Ex. Days 1 - 2: Work on initial pitch.Post initial pitch. Read and comment on other pitches.
    Day 3 - 4: Review comments and redo initial pitch. Post revised pitch. Comment on other pitches.
    Day 5... Continue to comment on other pitches and revise own pitch if necessary.

    I noticed there seemed to be a good number of newer Savvy members. General instructions are a good idea in any case. Take care, Barbara
    1. lesliedow
      Author's Response
      Thanks Barbara! We always appreciate your thoughtful feedback. RJ, Kerri , and I will be updating the instructions to make them more clear. :)
  5. Leigh Allen
    Leigh Allen
    As a "newbie" I spent most of the session trying to figure how the system worked. Learning by doing when you are paying for the experience is frustrating. You miss most of the valuable input and the other participants miss your input. Something before the session begins outlining the ground rules would have been appreciated and expected. I see from some of the other threads that I was not alone in this concern
    1. lesliedow
      Author's Response
      Hi Leigh. Thanks for the feedback, we'll definitely add more instructions on how the event worked for the next event. Any specifics would be greatly appreciated! ~ Leslie
  6. Wendy
    I enjoyed the feedback, it was very helpful to me. I liked reading some of the commentary on the other submissions because that was insightful. What confused me is that it wasn't clear to me at first who the "teacher" was. I don't mind getting feedback from other experienced writers, but as a newbie it was confusing when I got other commentary and I wasn't sure at first if I was meant to revise my pitch based on that commentary. Thanks!
    1. lesliedow
      Author's Response
      Hi Wendy. Thanks for the feedback! It sounds like from both yours and Leigh's comments we could have done a better job of explaining how it all works. Point taken and we will do better next time! ~Leslie