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Latest Reviews

  1. Connie Parrott
    Connie Parrott
    Whenever I asked about backstory, my writing friends all said "That's easy! Don't use too much backstory!" And there I stood, wondering "How much is too much?" Waited over a year for a backstory class to come along, and boy, did I hit the mother lode! God and SavvyAuthors could tell I was desperate. Sandy Vaile took my hand and led me through the dark backstory tunnel. I saw the light! Sandy's presentation was precise and entertaining. And there I had thought dribbling was just for basketball players. By equating backstory with spices like chili powder, I realized that I had been guilty of choking my potential readers with info dump. That's a felony in Texas, right? Seriously, Sandy did a powerful job of explaining the what, when, where and how much of backstory. She responded to our homework with thoroughness and welcomed questions. Now I can tick backstory off my writing worry list. One question for SavvyAuthors. Will you please consider offering Sandy's other classes? Especially "Show Don't Tell Is Like A Layer Cake" and "Hook 'em and Hang 'em". Thanks, Sandy!
  2. Cindy VanRooy
    Cindy VanRooy
    I feel that I definitely got my money's worth from this class. I have an outline to follow that will simplify the blurb-writing process and take some of the stress out of it. I will be looking for other classes to take because my experience with this one was excellent!
  3. Fiona Darrow
    Fiona Darrow
    Not very organized. Exercises mentioned a lesson 4 but there’s only 2 lessons as far as I can see.
    1. Samantha Bond
      Author's Response
      Hi Fiona,
      again, sincere apologies for the muck-up with posting those lessons. In light of Lyn's message, would you please consider retracting this comment? Understand it must have been frustrating for you.
      Kind regards
      Samantha Bond
  4. Hollie
    I found the class a little hard to follow and very basic. The instructor was very nice, but tended to take a while to make a point. I dropped out of the class, so to be fair, mine is only a partial assessment.
  5. Connie Parrott
    Connie Parrott
    I chose this class on impulse after reading Terri Main's blog advertising the class. (A member of SavvyAuthors since 2015 and just now realizing that these blogs contain a wealth of information!) She advised that writers, including wannabes, don't have to blow a fortune hiring an editor. We can learn to do our own editing and significantly cut down on our costs of forwarding a book toward publication. Terri's very thorough in her step-by-step process of how to read through your manuscript for proper story structure, setting, characters and POV. She welcomes questions and has endless patience when it comes to assisting those of us who are clueless at times (speaking for myself, of course). Glad that I happened to read her blog and located this class. Ending my Savvy year of courses on a high note! Thanks, Terri!
  6. Connie Parrott
    Connie Parrott
    When I signed up for this course, I had no experience in writing about transgendered characters and had not given any thought to that possibility. But when I saw the course title, I knew it would help me to give depth to my other characters, at the very least. I feared it might be a course taught by someone who decided to take up this genre and after a couple of books, etc., deemed themselves an expert. This course was the mother lode in that Terri Main's background experience was solid: she has transitioned, she's a teacher, and she's a counselor. Three in one! And she opened the course teaching about empathy. I knew I could try then. Her lessons were well crafted and easy to follow (good for the oldster in me). She got me to actually write from the mindset of one undergoing this process. This opened me to so much emotion. I am reading her book "Still Standing", and my heart is both weeping and rejoicing at the same time. Terri was patient with my questions and kind when delivering her critiques. I now have two characters in mind for future writing. What saddened me about the course was the lack of input from other classmates. I realize people are busy, etc., but this denied Terri the opportunity for offering extra tips. I'm glad she is here at Savvy. I'm in another class of hers. But this one will be the one by which I remember her. Thanks, Terri. And Savvy, too.
  7. writingchick65
    Very insightful and thought provoking, but would have enjoyed being able to ask questions. Still, I am way more sensitive to the issues of transgenders that I was before. Thank you for that.
  8. writingchick65
    Life got in the way and I wasn't able to participate the way I wanted to, but Lisa's instructions and her comments on the work of the brave souls who did participate were extremely helpful. Writing in POV isn't easy but Lisa was very encouraging with all her comments. I would definitely take another one of Lisa's classes.
  9. Gina
    I'm rating this as 1 low and 5 is high. The class started off great. Video presentations were great and detailed. Then, we were directed to adobe software. I knew this and signed up with Adobe. Where things went wrong was in the direction. Previous videos had been detailed about every facet of, for example, a photo shoot. I thought there would be a similar approach with Adobe instruction (it's complex software for the beginner). Instead, the level of instruction shifted into faster gear. When I posted about just getting started in Adobe (and being overwhelmed with trying to maneuver within it), the response I got was a friendly, "well, this is what it is." A good instructor takes the pulse of a class. He/she breaks down intricate subject matter to bite size pieces and walks students through it. Giving a "good luck with it because this is the way it is" is not the best approach. I cancelled my Adobe account. I had already signed up for the vlogging class but I'm not sure it will be worth my time now.
    1. Lisa Siefert
      Author's Response
      Hi Gina: Sorry to hear you didn't find the class as helpful as you thought. I do take all student feedback into consideration as I'm updating the course. And while what one person maybe perceive as beginner another may perceive as intermediate and another as advanced so I do try my best to make accommodations and add in extra tutorials all the time.
  10. Patricia Caviglia
    Patricia Caviglia
    So helpful and easy to access. Thanks SavvyAuthors!
  11. Greta242
    I thought there would be more lessons. Even so, I learned a lot. I have a better understanding of where my story is going and why. Thank you so much for offering this boot camp. Marci Clark was a great teacher who gave very good feedback on each of the three lessons offered.
  12. Elizabeth Jewell Headden
    Elizabeth Jewell Headden
    It was an informative webinar! Jacqui was impressive with her knowledge of Law and Publishing. I was impressed with her slides that she provided during the webinar and the webinar as a whole. I learned a lot about Copyrights and Trademarks that I didn't know. She also talked about contracts. I had an internet mishap and was disconnected on my end for about 10 - 15 minutes. I had to reset my wifi. Other than that issue everything else was great! No worry, it was recorded and I will have access to it next week. Jacqui also welcomed any questions we had and also gave us permission to email her even after the webinar.
  13. Jan Bill
    Jan Bill
    Upbeat and practical. Provides clarity and helps with flushing out the details, all in a friendly tone.