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Latest Reviews

  1. Phillis Dee
    Phillis Dee
    Lights, Camera, Action Three month series with Becky Martinez was fantastic!
    Becky is absolutely awesome at teaching. I recommend this series to all the newbies who want to learn the craft of writing.
  2. vickieleah
    I really enjoy Becky's classes. I find her supportive and critical of my homework assignments. Becky explains things in a way I can understand. I look forward to "attending" more of her classes.
  3. PamJones
    I like her format and her remarks. I will take more of her classes.
  4. ksue
    Fantastic info and Geoff answered all questions thoroughly. Lots of plot bunnies!
  5. Sandy O
    Sandy O
    The content of the notes was good, and Shannon's feedback was helpful. The notes were set out in a logical order that was easy to follow, and backed up with examples.

    I found the exercises about light on, because the 1st one didn't require feedback, and I missed the deadline for the 4th due to family commitments. A 4-day turnaround to post homework is difficult week after week. Life happens and a bit more flexibility would have been good.
  6. Joanna Waggoner
    Joanna Waggoner
    This webinar was wonderful! Liz is so clear and creative and breaks down the entire process into manageable sections. I enjoyed being a part of this session, as I learned a great deal. A big "Thank You" to Liz and to Savvy!
  7. CynDBlackburn
    I usually get distracted during webinars and wander away, but Liz's class kept me engaged, interested and attentive. I learned SO much. She was responsive to questions and comments, and easy to understand, too. I'd recommend this webinar to any romance writer--it was well worth the price!
  8. Jennifer R
  9. MaryD
    I learned so much listening to Liz Pelletier share her passion for -- and knowledge about -- the romance genre. Learning about the need for time-tested tropes and how to map a story's "beats" was incredibly informative. Perhaps the most important take-away for me was the realization that my WIP wasn't clicking because I had started the process focused on my characters INSTEAD of on the story. I'm excited to retool my work based on this webinar. Thanks, Liz!
  10. Luanna Nau02e
    Luanna Nau02e
    After a few minor technical bugs were ironed out, the webinar flowed seamlessly. The webinar was super informative and a ton of fun, as per usual from Liz.
  11. Cheryl Mansfield
  12. ElsieD
    Great experience! Liz broke everything down step by step and then taught by example to put what she showed us into action. Late night for me but well worth losing sleep.
  13. Nikki Prince
    Nikki Prince
    Wonderful info. All though I had a hard time with asking questions (figuring out the @all. It wouldn't work for me it kept going to the moderator).
  14. Amy Humfleet
    Amy Humfleet
    It's a shame becuase the first post, there was a lot of responses and interactions with the group taking the class. It dwindled down to 0 posts from the class participants and 0 responses from the professor after the first post. I think if Em would have provided more encouragement and prompting, there may have been more participation. I was disappointed.
  15. Lisa Coughlin
    Lisa Coughlin
    Cheryl did a fantastic job at answering my multitude of questions and went beyond the call of duty in helping me. Thank you for offering the opportunity to work with a member on the other side of the publishing coin.
  16. Bgilmore
    I'm giving this workshop a 3 only because of the unrealistic timeline for assignments. Too much was expected in a short amount of time. The information provided was rich and I learned so much -- things that will help me do a better job at crafting my book, but the assignments -- all required within a week -- were too much. Not that I'm any different from the others who signed up ( for $50 I might add), but my 10 hour work days made it almost impossible to complete the expected work. I liked this workshop and I hope next time, considerable time is given to complete one assignment before the next one is due.
    1. Shelby Morgen
      Author's Response
      I understand completely and I'll be glad to help out if you'd like to finish the assignments. I think it might be helpful, too, to have the assignments, or at least the first one, a week before the workshop starts.
  17. Cynthia Young
    Cynthia Young
    Robin provided great feedback on the assignments. She gave thoughtful and detailed answers to questions. I would take additional classes from her.
  18. India Powers
    India Powers
    This was a fantastic class! Thanks to Shelley I had some major breakthroughs. I have always struggled with revisions, and in her class I realized it was because I didn't trust myself as a writer. With her gentle guidance, I found my inner voice again. Telling the story I want to tell, the way I want to tell it, has brought joy back to the writing experience for me! It's been so wonderful to approach revisions with excitement, and not the dread I used to have. Wonderful class!
  19. ElsieD
    Robin had great insight on all the posted lessons and it allowed me to learn from not only my own blueprint, but everyone else's. She was excellent at finding the good and tweaking the not so good. ;) She answered questions that authors have always wanted to ask but we're afraid too! Amazing teacher with a gift to share her expertise with others to help them grow.
  20. Ane Ryan Walker
    Ane Ryan Walker
    Excellent! This might be the best class I've taken with SA. Robin Haseltine was insightful and excellent in in sharing advice and direction. I would like to see more classes with hands on learning experiences.