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Latest Reviews

  1. Mako-clb
    The class was informative. It reinforced concepts I already knew and practiced as well as gave me some new information. I found the lessons easy to follow, and LC Hayden did address my requests for more examples in the later lessons.

    The only thing I think was missing were a few homework assignments for the later lessons so LC Hayden and participants could check for understanding.
  2. Kaye Spencer
    Kaye Spencer
    This workshop was worth my time, and I gained a better understanding of 'vlogging' and its application for me as an author. However, the financial investment presented in the workshop is prohibitive to me, and I do not possess the technological know-how to accomplish the very professional level of vlogging that this workshop outlined. More importantly, I don't want to acquire this technological knowledge. My comments are not intended as negative commentary, but as an observation for my personal circumstances. I did not have a strong enough foundation of vlogging coming into the class to get out of it all that the instructor offered, which was a plethora of good information.
  3. SueZenker
    This class on villains had excellent material on all types of villains. I found it an excellent class to push me to analyze the antagonists in books I had already read. I also appreciated the instructor's feedback on my writing though I was unable to write a lot because of the holidays and company. I look forward to taking another of Ms. Smith's classes in the future. She makes you write and reads it all with supportive feedback.
  4. Patricia Bridgman
    Patricia Bridgman
    Becky's material is informative and useful. She offers to look at out work, help resolve punctuation issues, etc. for us. I really liked feeling that she was available to us, not just phoning it in.
  5. Ashlyn
    Fabulous class! Very easy to follow. Excellent food for thought given in the form
    of questions pertaining to my story idea. I’m glad I took the course and would
    gladly take another one with this instructor.
  6. PamJones
    The lectures are phenomenal. I have taken more than one of Becky's and find them to the point. I plan on taking more of her classes and appreciate not only her but all of the
    Savvy Author Website
  7. Barbara Bates
    Barbara Bates
    I found the information presented both interesting and helpful. It allowed me to pinpoint the 'flaws' in my current WIP and gave ways to correct them. The lessons were well thought out and easy to understand.

    The biggest problem with this class is the time of year it took place in. With all the family gatherings, the shopping, and the general hub-bub around Christmas time, I sometimes felt rushed to get the lessons in.

    Overall, I enjoyed the class and learned a lot.
  8. Rhonda
    Lots of great info from POV to setting. The examples were helpful