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New Self-Editing for Self-Publishing with author Katriena Knights

Learn to take control of YOUR edits through self editing

  1. RJ Garside
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    • Indie Publishing
    • Editing
    • Structure
    • Writer's Life
    The rise of the indie author is the story of the decade in publishing. But if you decide to take the leap into self-publishing, it’s absolutely vital that you present a quality product. This means serious editing and proofreading.

    This workshop will give you tools and tricks to streamline your editing process so your manuscript is as clean as it can be before you send it on to a professional editor. We’ll talk about big-picture editing all the way down to proofreading. Topics include:

    1. The big-picture edit. Does your story hold together? Are your characters consistent? Is your story arc fulfilling to a reader?
    2. The clarity edit. Is everything you wrote immediately clear? Will a reader understand what you mean even if they’re reading quickly, for example on a tablet or smartphone?
    3. The grammar edit. Are your participles dangling? Are you awash with sentence fragments? Some tools to clean up your grammar, addressing some of the most common problems.
    4. The proofreading edit. Ways to trick your brain into seeing your mistakes, as well as handy-dandy copy/paste approaches to common typos.

    After you’ve run your manuscript through these stages, it should be ready for a professional eye to make that last, tidying-up run, so you can produce a high-quality self-published product your readers will love.