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New Self-Publishing 101 with Jessie Clever

Take control of YOUR publishing career and get the lowdown on selfpublishing

  1. Jessie Clever
    New this year at SavvyAuthors!:
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    • Business
    • Writer's Life
    Always wanted to write a book? Ready to take control of your writing career?

    Now more than ever authors have greater control over their career paths and the ability to reach new readers. This workshop sets up the foundation you’ll need to get started in self-publishing now.

    Takeaways from this workshop include:

    • Deciding if self-publishing is right for you
    • Writing and editing your manuscript for self-publishing
    • Packaging your product for distribution (yes, your book is a product!)
    • Determining the price point of your book’s market
    • A comprehensive checklist of collateral needed to upload to vendors
    • Distribution outlets and how to engage them
    • Marketing (it’s not as scary as you think and yes, you must do it!)
    • Running a business (your writing is a business!)
    • Diversifying your revenue streams