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New The Secrets of Unlocking Creative Ideas for Authors with Liz Pelletier

Learn the secret to developing new plots, characters and conflicts

  1. RJ Garside
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    • Plotting
    • Writer's Life
    Where do the best ideas come from? How do creative geniuses like Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling, and George R.R. Martin come up with the ideas that change the game completely? And how did they do it to a schedule?

    Not all creative geniuses create to a schedule but successful authors must. To be successful, an author must be able to develop new ideas, characters, and conflicts then turn them into completed books several times a year. We all know authors who do this, but how?

    Based on her experience with successful authors and developing her own creative spec projects for authors, Liz Pelletier has developed a framework for creativity used to help authors develop new ideas that can be translated into new books. Join Liz as she outlines this framework and see how it can work for you.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Shana Gray
    Shana Gray
    I really liked what was presented. All aspects. The sound kept cutting in and out but I think we all had that. Other than the intermittent sound issues, absolutely no complaints and all praise.
  2. Lee-Ann Wallace
    Lee-Ann Wallace
    Liz Pelletier's webinar the Secrets of Unlocking Creative Ideas was fantastic, although that wasn't what I thought I'd signed up for. From the info and the title of the Webinar I signed up for The Highly Productive Creative Writer with Liz Pelletier, I thought she would talk more about scheduling and that sort of thing. I would still love to hear Liz p talk about being productive, but the Webinar she did hold was incredibly interesting, and I learnt a lot that I think will help me. I will definitely be taking more webinars by her.
  3. suez
    lots of practical strategies to use in order to be more creative all based on scientific research. Self-hypnosis was totally new to me. Sound was scratchy for the songs but I can look those up on my own. Thank you.
  4. writing123
    So much awesome information! I'm so glad this is recorded so I can refresh/review my notes! Everything was explained well with examples and activities. Only reason why this isn't 5 stars is that the course stated 1 hour and this was 2 hours.
  5. KLGrady
    Fantastic! I'm going to have to go back to the recording to get the rest of it--since it went so far over, I had to leave early. But I'm very excited to come back to this later. Definitely includes some great info you won't find in other similar classes.