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Webinar Understand the world of romantic fiction and learn to write a romance novel with Liz Pelletier

Learn to build YOUR OWN bestseller!

  1. Liz
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    • Characters
    • Description/Setting
    • Editing
    • Genre
    • Plotting
    • POV
    • Worldbuilding
    What do Love Story, Outlander, Terminator, and The Proposal have in common? They are all wildly successful stories built on Tropes, specifically Romance Tropes. Tropes are used by all publishers, editors and agents to evaluate your story. Tropes can be your guide to writing a selling story.

    Want to learn how to write a trope-driven plot and learn to identify key trope elements? Want to turn that plot into a bestseller? Entangled Publishing publisher, Liz Pelletier, will go over the surefire steps and what needs to happen to write a trope-driven plot that will sell. This webinar explores why romances are the same, yet different.

    Join Entangled Publishing’s Publisher Liz Pelletier as she delves into the always popular and much-loved romance novel. Liz will discuss,
    1. What sets romance writing apart from other types of fiction,
    2. Why romance is the same, yet different,
    3. The components of a successful romance novel and how YOU can create it,
    4. Romance requirements and when (and if) to break them.
    Other events or classes in this series:
    Three Pass Editing System - Date and registration TBA
    Craft a Brilliant Query Letter - Date and registration TBA

Recent Reviews

  1. Joanna Waggoner
    Joanna Waggoner
    This webinar was wonderful! Liz is so clear and creative and breaks down the entire process into manageable sections. I enjoyed being a part of this session, as I learned a great deal. A big "Thank You" to Liz and to Savvy!
  2. CynDBlackburn
    I usually get distracted during webinars and wander away, but Liz's class kept me engaged, interested and attentive. I learned SO much. She was responsive to questions and comments, and easy to understand, too. I'd recommend this webinar to any romance writer--it was well worth the price!
  3. Jennifer R
    Jennifer R
    Clear, concise, and entertaining. Thank you, Liz.
  4. MaryD
    I learned so much listening to Liz Pelletier share her passion for -- and knowledge about -- the romance genre. Learning about the need for time-tested tropes and how to map a story's "beats" was incredibly informative. Perhaps the most important take-away for me was the realization that my WIP wasn't clicking because I had started the process focused on my characters INSTEAD of on the story. I'm excited to retool my work based on this webinar. Thanks, Liz!
  5. Luanna Nau02e
    Luanna Nau02e
    After a few minor technical bugs were ironed out, the webinar flowed seamlessly. The webinar was super informative and a ton of fun, as per usual from Liz.
  6. Cheryl Mansfield
    Cheryl Mansfield
    Great webinar, extremely helpful
  7. ElsieD
    Great experience! Liz broke everything down step by step and then taught by example to put what she showed us into action. Late night for me but well worth losing sleep.
  8. Nikki Prince
    Nikki Prince
    Wonderful info. All though I had a hard time with asking questions (figuring out the @all. It wouldn't work for me it kept going to the moderator).