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Hi, I'm new, am I doing it right?

Discussion in 'Introductions & Newbies' started by Annicka, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Annicka

    Annicka scribbler

    Sep 4, 2017
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    Hello! My name's Annicka, I'm an unpublished writer at the moment (but I'd like to change that.) New to the site and forums. Actually, my mom pointed me here lol. She IS a published author. Anyway, I've got a somewhat active Twitter (@AnnickaWrites) and I'll probably be poking around for querying advice soon.
  2. Lynn Balabanos

    Lynn Balabanos Wordsmith
    Savvy Mod Savvy Premium Member! Savvy Volunteer

    Apr 16, 2016
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    Hi Annicka,

    Welcome to Savvy! I'm so glad you joined us!

    There are loads of great things going on at Savvy, including the Savvy Writing Conference happening right now and it's free. Participating will give you a great idea of how interactive and fun the community is. Everyone is very supportive and there are writers from every genre, both published and unpublished. The workshops are also amazing. I moderate many of them so you'll probably see me around from time to time. :)

    If you have any questions or need anything, feel free to DM me.
  3. RJ Garside

    RJ Garside Savvy Crew
    Staff Member Savvy Crew Savvy Super Mod Savvy Premium Member! Going Idie not alone

    Jul 14, 2014
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    Hi Annicka!

    First off, yeah for Mom!!! :)

    I know that I've already sent you a quick hello and welcome to the Savvy party, but I wanted to check in and let you know that if you have any questions or need anything please don't hesitate to email ME.

    As the Membership Coordinator and the Workshop Coordinator, I can answer the majority of your questions and if I can't answer it I will find someone that can.

    A HUGE bear-hug welcome and don't hesitate to email if you need anything! :)

  4. lrdavis

    lrdavis Storyteller
    Savvy Super Mod Savvy Mod Savvy Premium Member! Savvy Volunteer Ask me about my book submission!

    Dec 31, 2014
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    Lyndsey Davis
    Welcome Annicka!
    Yes, to your first question. You're doing it right.
    Second, this is the place to interact one-on-one with those who have blazed the trail and can show you where the stepping stones are.
    Last. if questions arise, ask. We were all where you are at one point.
    Glad you are here...
  5. This message by has been removed from public view.
    Oct 18, 2017 Show

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