Announcing SavvyAuthors IndieCafé Recommends

SavvyAuthors is going INDIE!

Yep, it’s true. After nearly a decade of offering classes and events for all writers without any preference as to where they published, we’ve decided to toss our hat into the Indie ring. In both a personal way and for the SavvyAuthors site. This does not mean we will stop hosting our amazing pitchfests like the one going on this week, definitely NOT, but means we are adding special events and services just for the self-published author.

So many of you are already self-published or seriously considering this as an addition to your traditionally published books that we knew we needed to find a way to help and support you. Dawn, RJ, and I have spent a lot of time talking with each other and with you to find out what exactly SavvyAuthors could do to support you that fits within our mission of writers helping writers.  

Based on this, we have developed the IndieCafé.

IndieCafé is a set of tools, classes, webinars, and events focused on helping the self-published author. We will be rolling out IndieCafé features over the next few months, but today we are announcing our first – and what we believe – is one of our best IndieCafé tools: IndieCafé Recommends.

IndieCafé Recommends is where you find recommended services for the self-published author.

We list recommended services and service providers specifically focused on the self-published author such as freelance editors, book cover artists, formatting experts, etc. that authors like you love and recommend. These are also reviewed by fellow SavvyAuthors members based on their own experiences. Every service on the IndieCafé Recommends list is just that—recommended, and those recommendations are backed up with validated reviews.  

And IndieCafé Recommends is totally free and available for any SavvyAuthors Basic (free) member to participate and freely viewable by any visitor.


Become a charter member of the IndieCafé

To kick off this great new tool we are asking you to submit reviews of your favorite service or service provider. Members who submit one of the first 50 unique IndieCafé Recommendations will receive a $40 credit toward any workshop or SavvyAuthors Premium membership, and you will be one of our Charter Members. Please do review the submission rules and process below. We are completely committed to having IndieCafé Recommends be all about what works and what you love. We will launch the public listing around July 1, so get those recommendations in!

That’s about it. We hope you’re as excited about our new IndieCafé Recommends as much as we are. We love that it enhances our goal of writers helping writers in a way that is uniquely SavvyAuthors.  

Oh, just in case you were curious, all three of us are committed to having self-published books out this year!  We hope you are too and that you will join us on this exciting journey!

Happy Indie Publishing!

Dawn, RJ, and Leslie

Rules and Guidelines for the First 50 Reviews:

We are looking for services and providers that are specifically for Indie pubbed authors. Initially, we are limiting the categories. We expect to add more categories in the future, but for now, we want to focus on those that most authors we have spoken to need information about.

  • Specific categories include:
    • Editors & Proofreaders
    • Publicists
    • Copywriters
    • Promotion services of any kind
    • Manuscript Formatting Services and tools
    • Publication channels
    • Book cover artists
  • We are not currently accepting instructor recommendations. We encourage you to leave reviews for them on their class listings.
  • We are also not currently accepting general writing tools recommendations. We will likely open this category up in the future, but there are many places where we can find reviews on great writing tools.
  • We are not currently accepting anything that is not clearly publication focused, so service providers like your amazing personal assistant or that incredible coffee shop where you write are not eligible for a recommendation now but may be in the future.
  • You can submit as many as you like, but there is only one gift per person.
  • In the case of duplicate submissions, the earliest submission will receive the gift, and we will notify the submitter of the duplicate so they can submit again.


  • Any SavvyAuthors user can submit a new Recommendation. You will be asked for:
    • Your SavvyAuthors username, and email address
      • Your recommendation will be posted on the site and tagged with your username, but your email address will never be. We ask for an email address so we can contact you in case of questions. Also, SavvyAuthors has never sold or shared our members’ contact information with anyone, and we will not do this in the future, period.
    • Name of service or provider
    • URL of the service or provider
    • Contact information for the service or provider (can be email or URL)
      • We will never publish anyone’s email address. We will use this to notify the service that they have an entry on IndieCafé Recommendations. And as stated above we don’t share contact information; we respect everyone’s right to privacy.
    • Description of what they do
    • How you used them (what service was provided to you)
    • When you used them
    • What specifically you loved about them
      • This is a recommendation service, so only positive recommendations will be posted.
    • General idea of the cost ($, $$, $$$)
    • Genres (if appropriate)
  • We will review your submission, and if approved:
    • Your submission will be listed on the site when we launch on July 1
    • You will be recognized as a Charter Member of the IndieCafé
    • You will be gifted with a $40 credit toward any class or membership
    • And you will be given a special SavvyAuthors IndieCafé Charter Member badge

So what are you waiting for? Submit those recommendations NOW!

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Questions? Email [email protected]

  • S
    Sharon S
  • June 14, 2018
You guys are amazing! What a wonderful addition to your already bulging stable of offers. Job well done to the three of you.
    Thanks! We are pretty thrilled. Indie authors are so creative and innovative, it's been hard to find something that we could do that could be really helpful and within our reach and Savvy's mission but I think this may be a good start! :-D
  • D
    Dawn McClure
  • June 14, 2018
Thanks, Sharon!

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