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Sourcebooks 2018 Spring Diversity Pitchfest!

Tuesday May 8, 9AM EST to Thursday May 10, 11:59PM Sourcebooks' mission is to reach as many people as possible through books that will enlighten their lives. ​We are a company bound together by the idea that Books. Change. Lives. Sourcebooks - an independent vision...

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Author Platform Basics By Meg LaTorre

Once upon a time, authors were able to write books and get them published, so long as they were a decent writer. That's no longer the case. Now, both self-published and traditionally-published writers must establish an author platform to either get published or to...

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Why Show Your Hand? by Shannon Donnelly

Many writers have a story idea, but the characters come across as flat. This is due to two big problems—a lack of deep viewpoint to put the reader into the characters' thoughts and feelings, and too much telling the reader things about the character. This is why the...

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Come on Down & Learn to Open Your Soul By Sally J. Walker

Sally Walker is one of SavvyAuthors long-time instructors and she’s always coming up with great new classes like this one. Sally is a published author and professor and her classes are a great blend of real-world tips and accepted theory.  If you are interested in a...

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Three-Dimensional Writing by Karen S. Wiesner

Applied to writing, the word three-dimensional is easy to define as solid, realistic, rounded, and lifelike, even living. The hard part for authors comes in translating these concepts into the craft of writing. Most writers know what is not three-dimensional writing....

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How to Write a Book in 11 Steps By Meg LaTorre

Do you have ideas for a book but don’t know where to start or how to write a novel? Or maybe you’ve written several manuscripts in the past and are looking to standardize your process. Learn how in these 11 easy steps. Every writer has their own unique brainstorming,...

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