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Genre Fiction you can Sink your Teeth Into with Jess Faraday

My first novel started as a writing group challenge: take a character from your work in progress, and put them in a completely different time and place. I took a magician’s apprentice from a swords and sorcery story, plunked him down in a Sherlock Holmes tale, and The...

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Three-Dimensional Writing by Karen S. Wiesner

Applied to writing, the word three-dimensional is easy to define as solid, realistic, rounded, and lifelike, even living. The hard part for authors comes in translating these concepts into the craft of writing. Most writers know what is not three-dimensional writing....

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Preparation for NaNoWriMo by Irene S. Roth

Are you ready for NaNoWriMo? Most of us can prepare for NaNoWriMo just fine. But can we sustain the crazy pace of writing so many words every day? And even if we do, can that be a manuscript that we will keep and ultimately send off to a publisher? Most writers feel...

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6 Ways to Create Unforgettable Characters by DiAnn Mills

Writing is an adventure, a journey into the world of extraordinary characters. Our most memorable stories resonate with a reader because of unique characters who navigate through a powerful story and respond to the challenges before them with strength and power....

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