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How to Get a Literary Agent By Meg LaTorre-Snyder

Getting published in today’s world is a test of a writer’s persistence, patience, and—most importantly—willingness to do a lot of hard work. When I first started digging into the weird world of book publishing, I remember having a few distinct feelings: Nausea A...

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Is your Thriller Thrilling? by Steve Shrott

I love reading thrillers. When a friend recommends a book, saying that it’s a great thriller, I’m excited. Most of the time these suggested books disappoint me a little. Not because they’re poorly written, or they aren’t a good story, but because they are not...

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Character or Plot? by Cassiel Knight

Emotions vs Plot The other day, I was listening to a recording from Romance Writers of America (RWA) Nationals about evoking emotions. The speaker said something that resonated with me. Not because I agreed or didn’t agree with what she said (parts I definitely did),...

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A DRAMATIST’S TALE: Grieving over Criticism by Sally J. Walker

Physical pain—a clenching of the heart, rippling shivers, shallow breaths, even headaches—can result when a writer receives criticism of a work. That’s normal. The mental and emotional reaction can be similar to dealing with death as Kubler-Ross explained in her...

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Why Journaling is Such a Powerful Tool for Writers By Erica Miner

We’re all familiar with the benefits of journaling. A journal is a “safe place” to express your deepest joys, fears, hopes, and worries; to get them out of your head and onto the page. Journaling is by far the greatest therapy. Thoughts take on new meaning and life...

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