Next week is Spring Wow’em PITCHFEST!

The SavvyAuthors Spring Wow’em Pitchfest starts next Wednesday at 9 am.

We’ve been scouring the web to find agents, agencies, editors and publishers who are looking for YOUR BOOK. We do this roughly four times a year here at SavvyAuthors, and we love Pitchfest weeks!  We’ve heard from many authors who successfully obtained representation and/or publishing contracts through our Pitchfests. We LOVE to hear these success stories!

We offer Pitch opportunities to everyone in the writing community, both our SavvyAuthors members and the public. It goes hand in hand with our mission to get you published and keep you published.  All that said, pitching can be daunting. We try to make it as simple as possible, and we have a full description of how it works and the rules for pitching. But I thought I would take a minute (or few) and jot down a few bullet points to help you get ready!  We also offer a Pitch Practice event before Pitchfest. Sadly, that is going on now but if you might be interested in the PitchPrep event for future pitches be sure to subscribe to the SavvyAuthors Weekly News!

Pitch FAQ/Cheat Sheet

Without further ado or blatant self-promotion here is your FAQ/cheat sheet for SavvyAuthor’s Spring Wow’em Pitchfest!

  • How do I pitch?
    • Our pitch events happen on the SavvyAuthors Blog. Each agent or editor will have a post, and you will post your three-line pitch as a comment to the post. On Wednesday, you will open the SavvyAuthors blog or come to the front page, and we’ll direct you to a list of Agents, editors, and publishers, you pick the one you would like to pitch to, open that person’s page and add your pitch as a comment.
  • What do I pitch?
    • We use the Three Line Pitch format on our blog pitches. This is one of the best ways to showcase your story in a condensed form. A great three line pitch lays out the conflict faced by the main characters. We have a more expanded version of what this looks like in our Pitch rules but here’s the formula.
      • This is our pitch format
        • Title:
        • Genre:
        • Lenght
        • Author:
      • (Character) desperately wants _______ in order to ___________ but s/he is prevented by _______________until he _____________ to overcome obstacle.

Here is an example pitch:

Title: Flint’s Mystery at Mystic Lake
Genre: Middle Grade Urban Fantasy
Length: 60,000 words
Author: Riley Darkes

A Native American boy with a secret is summoned by the Elders and learns he must use his magic to retrieve a stolen artifact that protects the tribes – and his new friends – from a dangerous, ancient enemy.

  • Who do I pitch to?
    • To fully answer this you need to know your story’s genre. It won’t make sense to pitch a fantastic Romance to an editor who only publishes middle-grade fiction.  For each agent or editor, we provide a list of what they are looking for. Read that and then click through to the agency or publisher’s website and look for the details. Ask yourself the following:
      • Is this someone/someplace that represents or publishes books like mine?   Do I see and like the books on their lists?
      • Do the terms and requirements fit in with what I am looking for?
  • Can I pitch to more than one Agent or Editor?
    • Yes! We ask that you only to pitch to one agent or editor per agency or publisher.
    • We also ask that you not pitch to more than two agencies or publishing houses. We are flexible on this if your story clearly fits the requirements we think you should pitch!  However, we will remove pitches that spam all the agents and editors, or post pitches that do not meet the requirements.
  • When do I find out?
    • This depends. Many of the agents and editors will monitor the pitches as they are posted and then post requests as a comment. So definitely turn on notifications for you pitch-comment. Those that do not will inform us at SavvyAuthors within two weeks of the end of the Pitchfest and Riley Darkes, our Special Events Coordinator, will publish a blog article here with a full list of the requests. So definitely subscribe to the Weekly News to be notified when that is published, or follow us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

That’s the short version. There is more information on the Pitch Rules page. We strongly encourage you to review that. If you have more questions, contact us. We are always happy to answer questions!

Happy Pitching!

Leslie Dow, SavvyBlog Editor

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