Sometimes you need mentoring and encouragement in a group.

At SavvyAuthors we have ongoing motivation groups and one on one mentoring with writing and publication experts.


Irene Roth's Ongoing Mentoring Group

“There are so many wonderful things to say about Irene Roth’s Mentoring program, but one key aspect of it stands out the most for me, and no doubt for others. Irene takes mentoring to a whole new level. She has a unique compassion for writers and their solitary journey that is often plagued with conflict, crises, and setbacks. Irene doesn’t just sympathize, she offers the writer a plan to get the writer through the crises, step by step. Sometimes with personal examples. This is a mentoring program that doesn’t let you fail. You can dream again.”

~ CG

SavvyAuthor Member

Irene Roth

Irene S. Roth, MA has over 10 published books and has taught writing courses at Savvy Authors for over three years and at the community college level for over fifteen years. Irene Roth has a lot of writing knowledge and knows how difficult it is to juggle a lot of different aspects of life and kinds of writing. She writes academically and creatively, and divides her day between the roles of teaching and writing. She teaches a variety of courses during the year. We are pleased to continue Irene’s motivation group for SavvyAuthors!

“I’ve   taken many skill-building workshops that taught me how to write, but Irene’s mentoring workshop is the only class that taught me how to smartly establish and reach my writing goals.  Additional side benefits:  her focus on being a healthy writer greatly improved my diet & exercise routine…while I tripled my daily word count!” ~ KMM

“Irene’s brilliant and ‘doable’ guidance combined with irrepressible enthusiasm and unfailing energy (especially in the face of physical injury/illnesses of self and family) cannot fail to inspire and spur a student to reach deeper within in order to successfully achieve higher goals. Her empowering leadership that entrusts a student with presenting a chat spurred me to expand my belief in my own abilities.”  ~ LD

“Irene teaches you to set goals, work on your goals, meet your goals, not just for a day or a week, but week after week, month after month, until you are a goal-setting machine.” ~ SP

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