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Our series classes are composed of two or more related classes that allow you to learn broader topics or take a deeper dive into areas of writing craft.

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Lights, Camera, Action! Plot, People and Write your novel with Becky Martinez January 1- April 15

Or take each class individually:

Let’s Plot Your Novel with Becky Martinez Jan 1-28
Making Your Characters Real with Becky Martinez Feb 12- March 11
Let’s Write a Story with Becky Martinez March 19- April 15


Lights, Camera, Action! Plot, Characters, and Write YOUR Novel! with Becky Martinez

Don’t let the plotting process get you down.

  • It can seem like a major undertaking, but once you figure out what works best for you, you can let the real author in your come out and get down to plotting any type of story – from romance to thriller to fantasy, from short stories to a long series tough endeavor.
  • Get the basics of different ways to plot your book and start to come up with what is necessary to get all the way through your plot.

Make your characters come alive!

  • Great characters are the foundation of any good story. Learn how to bring your characters to life with one of the co-authors of two books on creating memorable characters. Find out how you can come up with heroes and heroines who go from cardboard figures to believable people.
  • This class can help you develop characters for all genres and teach you lessons that you can learn and use in every story you write. We’ll also look at how to create better villains and how to make secondary characters more than an afterthought. Learn everything you need to know about characters and their place in your stories.

Write YOUR story!

  • In this class, we’ll look at how to turn your character charts and plotting plans into an actual book composed of scenes, chapters, and pages. We’ll pay special attention to writing openings that grab the reader and introducing your characters and their problems.
  • Learn about how to fight that sagging middle and how to keep the pace going from bang up beginnings to the exciting ending. From the opening scene, we’ll look at how to make your characters grow and bring about the ending that will have readers putting your book down with a sigh and looking forward to your next story.

Becky Martinez’s course on writing got me started and took me from zero knowledge to confidence in my plotting and development. Her character sheets are what I use for EVERY character–still. It forms the basis of my story bible.~ LD

I really enjoy Becky’s classes. I find her supportive and critical of my homework assignments. Becky explains things in a way I can understand. I look forward to “attending” more of her classes. ~ VL

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Novel Writing 101 Series with Terri Main January 15- July 1

Or take each class individually:

Novel Writing 101: From Concept to Story Arc January 15 – January 28

Novel Writing 101 : Populating your Story. Creating Believable Characters.  February 19 – March 11

Novel Writing 101: Building the Story. Essentials of story structure April 16 – April 29

Novel Writing 101: Making a scene. The Basic Building Blocks of a Story May 21 – June 3

Novel Writing 101: Worldbuilding  June 18 – July 1 . **registration opening soon!**

Novel Writing 101: Getting it Done . July 9 – July 22 **registration opening soon!**

Novel Writing 101: Become your own Plot Doctor . August 8 – August 19 **registration opening soon!**

Novel Writing 101 Series with Terri Main

Work through the stages of plotting, crafting, and editing a manuscript and have it ready for September 1!

From Concept to Story Arc
Every novel begins with a concept. In this course, you will learn how to turn your basic idea into a solid story arc you can use to build the rest of your story.

Populating your Story. Creating Believable Characters. 
The simple definition of a story is someone faces a problem somewhere and must attempt to solve it somehow. The choices your characters make drive the plot.

Building the Story. Essentials of story structure.
Whether you prefer to create a detailed plot outline, jot down just a few notes, or just sit down and begin writing, you cannot ignore story structure.

Making a scene. The Basic Building Blocks of a Story
Your story largely takes place in a series of scenes. Each scene is a story within a story that moves the plot ahead in some way. In this course we will look at how to create effective scenes.

This course explores those elements of world-building common to all types of stories.
Getting it Done
Often overlooked in most writing classes, this class will deal with the nitty-gritty work of actually writing the novel. We will dig into some of the basics of creating a writing plan, dealing with the realities of life, setting up your workspace, creating a writing discipline and more.
Become your own Plot Doctor
Your plot is an expression of your own creativity and vision for the story. YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON TO EDIT THE BIG PICTURE ISSUES IN YOUR BOOK. YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW HOW.

Terri’s very thorough in her step-by-step process of how to read through your manuscript for proper story structure, setting, characters and POV. She welcomes questions and has endless patience when it comes to assisting those of us who are clueless at times (speaking for myself, of course). Glad that I happened to read her blog and located this class. Ending my Savvy year of courses on a high note! Thanks, Terri! ~ CP

Informative and useful materials for all kinds of planners, specific strategies to help you finish your manuscript, and an inspiring instructor who dedicated a great deal of time providing detailed feedback to all participants. Highly recommended. ~ SZ

The Complete Creative Writing Webinar Series from Lindsay Schopfer

Published author and professional writing instructor Lindsay Schopfer has created a series of courses designed to teach writers the fundamentals of their craft.

Are you interested in writing stories, but don’t know where to start? Published author and creative writing instructor Lindsay Schopfer offers an informative introduction to the world of writing. Students will learn everything they need to know to get started in their craft, including how to structure a story, how to show a scene instead of telling it, and how to avoid writer’s block.
Note: this course is particularly useful for young writers and other first-timers.

Each course consists of four live, one-hour webinars. Additionally, each webinar will be recorded and posted for enrolled students to review for the duration of the series.

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The Complete Creative Writing Webinar Series from Lindsay Schopfer   April 3- June 7 

Or take each class individually:

The Basics of Creative Writing  April 3- May 24
Finding Your Writing Process April 17-26
A Novel in Four Drafts  May 1-10
Crafting a Complete Story. May 15-24
Four Types of Scenes May 29- June 7

The Beginning Writer Series with Becky Martinez

Have you always wanted to write a fiction novel but weren’t sure where or how to start? The publishing market has been exploding in the past few years and there has never been a better time to see your work in print.

But how do you go about writing the novel of your dreams. Learn how you can become a published fiction author in six weeks. Go from a would be author to a writer as we work on developing a plot, creating your characters, writing scenes, dialogue and get to THE END.

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The Beginning Writer Series with Becky Martinez June 25- August 12

Or take each class individually:

Make a Great Start! — Creating Beginnings with Becky Martinez June 25 – July 8
Unsagging your Middles with Becky Martinez July 26-29
Writing Unforgettable Endings with Becky Martinez July 30- August 12

Oh my gosh, where do I start? I have only praise for this course and for the instructor. Miss Becky generously commented on everyone’s work and told us our strengths. ~ SZ

Through her lectures I discovered that my manuscript was missing more suspects, which now is the obvious reason I wasn’t moving forward with the story. I never would have discovered this on my own,and now I feel so motivated to move forward. Moreover, I can’t wait to read one of her books where she puts all of her strategies to work. I recommend this course 100% to anyone wishing to write in this genre. ~ SZ

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